LISTEN: Liam Payne Sings New 1D Album Track In The Shower?

Last week, Liam Payne teased in an interview that we might hear the band’s new single on the UK leg of their current tour.

However, we’ve been given a sneak preview of some of 1D’s new music a little early… Kind of.
In a new clip uploaded to Instagram, we can hear Liam singing in the shower, and alongside the video, he’s joked:“Today’s shower song was caught on cam thanks to someone … Thought I might as well share #nextalbum #SqueakyCleanDream”
Check the video out below:

Okay, we’re really excited to hear this track about Liam washing his hair on One Direction’s fifth album. Surely it takes the boys’ music in a direction we weren’t expecting? That direction being “Shower Songs”.
On another note, we’re a little sad that the video was taken outside of the shower, and not actually in it.
However, there’s still plenty of Liam Payne hotness for us to see on his Instagram, as he uploaded a selfie over the weekend!
He wrote alongside it: “Bed hair day”
Liam Payne bed hair selfie Instagram July 2015


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