Liam Payne Is Having Fun Singing Zayn Malik’s High Notes On Tour

When Zayn Malik left One Direction, it felt like the end of the world.

One Direction - Capital Summertime Ball 2015 Selfie
We had no idea what it would be like without Zayn, as we’ve been used to them being a five-piece since the very start.
It was rumoured that the boys might not be able to cope with just the four of them, and the absence of Zayn might hold them back.
However, it turns out that Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis are getting on just fine without him, and Liam is loving taking on Zayn’s singing parts.
Talking to Metro at Capital FM’s summertime ball, Liam Payne said of Zayn: “Obviously he’s got a great voice.
“But his parts are fun to sing. I like doing all the high bits”.
From what we’ve heard, Liam does a great job, too!
Liam also commented on the rumours that One Direction would be parting ways after Zayn left, to which he said they“won’t be going anywhere”.
“I don’t know where that has come from. We’ve got loads of stuff going on, we’ve just finished a new one [album]. It’s the start of the process, the recording a new album,” Liam said, “There’s the tour going on. There are some great songs [on the album], we won’t be going anywhere.”
Did you ever think the boys were going to split up anyway?

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