Liam Payne Teases That We Might Hear New 1D Music Soon!

Liam Payne has teased that it might not be long until we hear some new music from One Direction.

Liam Payne Instagram Selfie May 2015
The band recently finished the European leg of their “On The Road Again” tour and will now head across America & Canada before touring the UK in September.
The boys were interviewed by Look magazine about their new fragrance “Between Us”, but Liam was also asked about One Direction’s new music.
Their fifth album, the first without Zayn Malik, will be released later this year, and Liam was asked: “Will you be performing any of your new material on the UK tour?”
Liam teased: “Possibly the new single!”
Wow! We can’t wait!
Meanwhile, the boys gave their opinion on their new fragrance. Liam said: “It’s so hard to describe a smell isn’t it?! It’s more mature.”
Also, Niall was asked who the best and worst smelling members of the band are: “Everyone always says I smell good,” he replied.

“But I don’t know because I can’t smell myself…”

Fans Worry That Liam Payne Is Going Solo After He Replies To A Review About Himself

It’s a not a typical week in the One Direction world if there isn’t a story that includes rumours about the band splitting up or one of the boys going solo.

This week, it’s the turn of Liam Payne, who made worried fans think he was leaving the band.
Liam Payne in the Steal MY Girl video
After 1D’s latest “On The Road Again” concert in Oslo, Norway, a fan wrote an online review, which said: “I would definitely attend a Liam Payne concert. He was a joy to watch and looked like he belonged on that stage.
“With his talents I do believe he has the power to go beyond 1D. He has a big future ahead of him. Payne loves his fans, loves his boys, loves the music and it’s obvious.”
To make things worse, Liam read the review and wrote: “Whoever did that review thank you that really means a lot to me x”
Straight away this made people think a “Liam Payne concert” could be on the horizon with rumours sparking up that he was leaving the band.
A fan tweeted: “am I the only one who is, sort of, freaking out about that review about liam going solo.. not in a good way”
However, Liam then put all our minds at rest, saying: “@CurlyLiamx I didn’t mean like that hun I meant about loving my boys my job and the music and that in a show people can see that :)”


Zayn Leaving One Direction Had Nothing To Do With Perrie Edwards, Her Mum Says

Perrie Edwards had NOTHING to do with Zayn leaving One Direction.

Says Perrie’s mum.
Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards - selfie
When Zayn announced his departure from the band back in March, a few people were quick to point the finger towards the closest person to him, his fiancé Perrie Edwards.
However, Perrie’s mum has now hit back at fans who believe her daughter is to blame.
Talking to The Mirror’s 3am, Perrie’s mum Debbie Edwards said: “It was his decision and nothing to do with Perrie.”
While some fans thought that Perrie was the reason behind Zayn’s decision, others feared that the couple might break up now that Zayn was no longer a part of 1D.
However, Debbie has insisted that Zayn and Perrie are happy just the way they are, saying: “They’ve always been happy.
“Zayn’s one of the nicest boys I’ve ever met and I couldn’t imagine Perrie with anyone else.
“I feel like he’s already my son, they’ve been together since she was on The X Factor so he’s part of the family.”
So, there we have it – Zayn didn’t leave the band for Perrie!

What do you guys think?

Zayn Malik “Miffed” At Rumours That He’s Returning To One Direction

Zayn Malik isn’t returning to One Direction.

And he’s pretty ‘miffed’ off that people think he is.
Zayn Malik tattoo parlour
Over the weekend, it was spotted that Zayn Malik’s leaving statement was removed from the official One Direction Facebook page, and his profile allegedly made its way back on to the band’s website. Though, we’re not sure they even took him off in the first place?!
Either way, this has sparked rumours that #zayniscomingback, and he’s not happy about it.
An alleged source has told Hollywood Life: “Zayn is a little miffed that everyone believes he’s going to end up back with 1D. The speculation bothers him. He left the group because he couldn’t handle the high-profile that came with the band in the end, and he wants to get away from all that.”
So, Zayn definitely isn’t coming back. Not at all. Never.
Well, never say never…
As much as we/fans/everyone in the world might want Zayn to rejoin the band, the chances are it’s just not gonna happen and he’s more than happy living his normal life that he so longed for. And we have to admit, we’re happy for him too!
Now can we all just be satisfied as having a four-piece One Direction?

Do you guys agree?

VOTE NOW: Help One Direction Win At The Teen Choice Awards 2015

It’s time to help One Direction win some more awards!

The boys are nominated in three categories at this year’s Teen Choice Awards, and they need YOU to vote for them as many times as you can.
Teen Choice Awards 2015 Logo
The band have won 19 awards at the ceremony in between 2012 and 2014, and it’s time for us to raise the number to 22.
They were previously announced to be up for “Choice Male Hottie” with Zayn Malik amongst the competitors, and are also nominated for “Choice Music Group: Male”. As well as that, “Steal My Girl” is up for “Choice Song: Group”.
Anyway, voting is now open!
You can vote for your faves by clicking here.

Unfortunately, voting is only open to those in the US and you can only vote once a day.

One Direction Record Personal Video Message For Alton Towers Crash Victim Leah Washington

One Direction have offered to meet Leah Washington.

One Direction Honda Civic Tour
17-year-old Leah Washington was one of the victims of a horrific rollercoaster crash at UK theme park Alton Towers last week, which forced her to have her left leg amputated.
Earlier this week, we saw how Louis Tomlinson reached out to Leah on Twitter with a message of support which read:“Thinking about you Leah & hoping you are home in South Yorkshire soon Xx”
Now, it has been revealed that all four members of One Direction have got together to offer Leah their support, by offering to meet her.
Leah’s friends launched Twitter campaign #Get1DToLeah, as Leah is a huge fan of the band.

Sara Stuart, a friend of Leah had tweeted One Direction with the message: “She is a huge fan of One Direction and had tickets to go see them at Capital’s Summertime Ball however was obviously unable to attend.
“As any Directioner would understand this was a big deal to her and she was so upset. She has seen them on many occasions and her hospital room is full of posters of them! I know this is a long shot and they must get a lot of requests but it would really make Leah’s day if they could visit her or contact her in anyway.”
Sara’s message proved to make a huge impact, and she has since announced on Twitter: “I am delighted to tell you all Leah will be receiving a video message off the boys and backstage passes to one of their concerts when she has recovered!
“We couldn’t have done it without you all!”
“Thank you again!”

How amazing is that?!

Liam Payne Is Having Fun Singing Zayn Malik’s High Notes On Tour

When Zayn Malik left One Direction, it felt like the end of the world.

One Direction - Capital Summertime Ball 2015 Selfie
We had no idea what it would be like without Zayn, as we’ve been used to them being a five-piece since the very start.
It was rumoured that the boys might not be able to cope with just the four of them, and the absence of Zayn might hold them back.
However, it turns out that Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis are getting on just fine without him, and Liam is loving taking on Zayn’s singing parts.
Talking to Metro at Capital FM’s summertime ball, Liam Payne said of Zayn: “Obviously he’s got a great voice.
“But his parts are fun to sing. I like doing all the high bits”.
From what we’ve heard, Liam does a great job, too!
Liam also commented on the rumours that One Direction would be parting ways after Zayn left, to which he said they“won’t be going anywhere”.
“I don’t know where that has come from. We’ve got loads of stuff going on, we’ve just finished a new one [album]. It’s the start of the process, the recording a new album,” Liam said, “There’s the tour going on. There are some great songs [on the album], we won’t be going anywhere.”
Did you ever think the boys were going to split up anyway?


Louis Tomlinson and Fifth Harmony's Lauren leaving the BGT wrap party
Louis Tomlinson and Fifth Harmony's Lauren leaving the BGT wrap party
While meeting One Direction or any of your faves is probably going to be the best moment of your life, there is a slightly less fun side to it and that's what happens if the internet finds out that you've met them. 
Time and time again a small portion of idiots on the internet take things way out of hand, as Lauren Jauregui from Fifth Harmony found out this week after trolls gave her some pretty disgusting abuse following those pics of her getting a taxi with One Direction's Louis Tomlinson.
Now, if you've ever been on the internet before (which we're guessing you have if you're reading this), you've no doubt seen the countless stories that always seems to feature a female celebrity or fan who've been pictured with a fit male celeb getting some fairly undeserved abuse, which range from insults all the way through to threats, as a result. 
Unfortunately this week is no exception and following the pics of 5H and Louis partying together at the BGT after party, it's Lauren who's been at the forefront of all this abuse and she's spoken out bout how scary it is being on the receiving end of all that hatred and bad feeling online.
Speaking out about what actually happened during an interview with The Sun, Lauren explained: "My phone died and I had no way of getting home so Louis said, 'Jump in a car with me.' We got to know each other that night, it was the first time we really hung out. 
Louis Tomlinson and Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui
"And he was nice enough to take me back... The amount of hate I got for that picture... I got a slew of things like, 'You're a s**t, you're ugly, you're fat'..."
But luckily Lauren won't be letting this trolling get to her and she added that she'd rather focus on the positive and ignore the deep, dark and ugly corner of the internet that this ill-feeling comes from. 
"I won't allow people who have no idea what's going on to dictate situations," she said. "I know all the people that say that are little girls behind a screen who are jealous of the fact that I'm in a car with Louis. It's clearly coming from a place of hatred."
That seems like a pretty good attitude to us, but it still sucks to see this happening time and time again. Sometimes we just wish we could all be friends like we were in middle school and we're not even slightly joking.

Niall Teases The Fifth Album On Twitter: “We’ve Shortlisted A Few Names”

“It was great to be involved again,” said Niall when he was asked by a fan on Twitter if he enjoyed writing for 1D’s fifth album.

“Coz last year I was recovering from my operation when they were writing,” he added, while taking part in a Q&A session on Twitter.
Niall Horan instagram photo 2014
Niall answered loads of questions from Directioners recently, giving us all plenty of little teasers about the band’s next album.
One fan asked: “Have you guys finalized the album yet?”
Niall replied: “No, still finishing songs and recording guitar”
But what will the album be called? Niall was asked by another Directioner who said: “Have you all been figuring out what to call the album?”
“Yeh we’ve shortlisted a few names! But we have time to make a decision on that,” he tweeted back.
And the biggest tease of all? Niall is just sitting at home listening to 1D’s new music!
A fan asked: “what is the last song you listened to?”
“One of the new ones, just changing a lyric,” he replied.

What do you want the fifth album to be called? Give us your suggestions below!

Rumours Of Harry Styles Working On Solo Album Are “Complete Rubbish”

Harry Styles is NOT working on a solo album.

Harry Styles X Factor Final Where Do Broken Hearts Go
Yesterday, rumours surfaced that Harry Styles was working on a solo album, for just about the millionth time.
According to the Daily Star, a source had said: “Harry has recorded his album. He did most of it while the band were all on their holidays last year and he was in New York.”
However, Zayn had apparently scuppered the pre-arranged plans, as the source added: “It was always the plan that he would launch a solo career first but then Zayn decided to quit.”
The source reassured us that Harry isn’t going anywhere just yet, as they continued: “However, Harry is prepared to honour his commitments to the band and will see through the tour and the release of their fifth album.
“He has enough material to drop the record tomorrow but Harry will keep working on it to make it perfect.”
It will come as no surprise to you that these rumours have been rubbished, once again.
A source close to the band has now banished the rumours, telling the Daily Mirror: “It’s complete rubbish and fabrication. Harry isn’t recording a solo album – he is [in] the studio recording for the new 1D album.”

Will this whole ‘Harry Styles solo’ thing EVER stop?

Zayn Malik Dyes His Hair: 'Green Hair, Don't Care'

Zayn Malik Green Hair: Photo
Nope, you're not seeing things. 

Zayn Malik revealed a colorful new 'do on Saturday. 

The ex-One Directioner's fiancé, Perrie Edwards, posted a photo on her Instagram of Malik with the new look and her bashfully snuggled into his side. 

She captioned the photo "#GreenHairDontCare" posing at a table with a Beck's green beer bottle matching Malik's newly dyed (and still shaved) locks.

Ellie Goulding Admits To Dating Niall Horan, But Did Not Cheat On Ed Sheeran With Him

Ellie Goulding has denied cheating on Ed Sheeran with Niall Horan.

Ed Sheeran Ellie Goulding and Niall Horan
It has been speculated that Ellie Goulding had cheated on Ed Sheeran with Niall Horan, which sparked Ed to write his heartbreak song “Don’t” last year.
However, the cheating allegations were strictly rumours, until now. Ellie Goulding has now spoke out about the supposed love triangle, insisting that it’s not true at all.
Ellie Goulding admitted to dating Niall for a short time, but insisted that her and Ed were nothing more than friends.
“I did go on a few dates with Niall but I was never in a relationship with Ed,” Ellie told ELLE UK.
She continued: “I have absolutely no idea where that came from and why it was turned into such a big thing.”
Whether or not the rumours had been true, she expressed her anger over the story hitting the headlines: “I find it so frustrating that female musicians are constantly defined by the men they have or haven’t dated.
“You can be a great artist, write great songs, but the thing everyone talks about is some relationship they think you have had or not had.”
So, Ellie and Niall DID date, but not while she was with Ed Sheeran.
What was Ed so angry about, then?

What do you guys think?

One Direction Set To Take A One Year Break After Next Album?

It’s been revealed that One Direction are set to go on a break after their next album… FOR A YEAR!

One Direction publicity shot April 2015
It’s often been said that the boys are overworked with their constant touring, and it was thought that this contributed to Zayn leaving the band.
The break will be well deserved, and will come after Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis have finished promotion for their next album.
A source told The Sun: “The band are to go on a break after promoting the fifth album next year, possibly with a number of live tour dates around the world.
“Simon Cowell is supportive of what they need to do because he wants the band to stay together in some form for a very long time.
“They have been working non-stop for five years, sold millions of albums and become some of the biggest celebrities in the world.”
They continued: “At some point they have to take time off to step back and consider what they want to do next. What’s almost certain is there will be no 1D music next year.”

If it’s true, we’re going to miss them, but if it means they come back and stay together for longer, then we’re very happy!