Harry Styles Spotted At A Tattoo Parlor With Austrian Model Nadine Leopold

Now, Harry being linked to Nadine isn’t exactly a new thing—they were seen partying together in Los Angeles last year, and then just a few weeks ago, they spent a few days together in New York before One Direction’s Saturday Night Live performance.
However, seeing them together again has sparked dating rumors! And although Harry has been quite clear in the past about having friends who are girls with whom he is not romantically involved, we have to seriously consider any possibility of Harry having a new girlfriend.

Yesterday, Harry and Nadine were spotted entering a tattoo parlor together. Apparently, Harry resisted the urge to get yet another tattoo, but helped Nadine pick the design and location of hers. She later tweeted a picture of her new ink, which appears to be her younger brother’s birth date, along with the comment, “Love you little brother <3”

This little get together in Los Angeles may have been an early birthday celebration for Nadine, who turned 21 yesterday.
The weird thing about this tattoo parlor in particular is its history within Harry’s dating repertoire. In 2013, he and Taylor Swift were also seen in the shop—but that time, Harry got a tattoo and Taylor didn’t.
Say what you will about Harry and Taylor, but they did go out for a while. Could the fact that he brought Nadine to the same place mean that he’s interested in her?
Do you think there’s anything going on between Harry and Nadine?

Leaked 1D Track “Just Can’t Let Her Go” Finally Released In Full… By Another Singer!

Remember when One Direction track “Just Can’t Let Her Go” was leaked, and we all couldn’t get enough of it?

Of course you do.
The leaked version of the song was only a sample of the track, and the full thing wasn’t released on “Midnight Memories” as expected, and also didn’t make it onto the later “Four”.
That meant we were never able to hear the full version of the catchy song, and it’s something we’ve wanted every day since.
Well, we’re now sort of in luck…
The song hasn’t been buried and forgotten about, but has now been released in full… by ANOTHER SINGER!
One Direction have given their leaked track to 14 year old Finnish singer Isac Elliot, who will release it as his new single.
Finnish singer Isac Elliot on Twitter
He’s already had two albums out, which have been successful in Finland and Norway, but it’s hoped his reworked One Direction single will help make him even more popular across the world.
Check out his version of “Just Can’t Let Her Go” below:
So, what do you think of the new version of the song?
Are you glad that the song has finally been given a proper release, even though it’s no longer One Direction singing it? Or would you rather have seen the song stay dead and buried than see another singer record it?

Comment below!

Check out the original One Direction leaked track below:

Directioners Prank Niall! #congratsonthebabyniall

Niall Horan and his four mates in One Direction received a big surprise when they took a peek at their Twitter accounts this weekend.

That’s because their loyal fans played a huge online prank on the adorable Niallster.
The prank seemed to divide 1D fans, some of whom thought it was a great joke, and others feeling it bordered on cruel.
But 1D fans began a rumor that trickled through Twitter that Niall Horan’s first child had been born over the weekend.
Niall Horan instagram photo 2014
And the power of the lads’ fame on Twitter was used to its fullest, as the joke topic #congratsonthebabyniall began trending all across the globe on both Friday and Saturday.
Fans who had taken part in the prank seemed to be filled with glee at how many unknowing Twitter users had passed on the news.
One fan wrote: “#congratsonthebabyniall was trending worldwide since 12 hours [ago]. Hahahaha. I LOVE THIS FANDOM!”
Other fans shared in the fun, writing:
Other Directioners then took the prank a bit farther, as they began uploading a series of shocking and hilarious photographs of Niall.
Some pictured Niall in the delivery room, actually giving birth to a bouncing baby.
Meanwhile, Niall himself spent New Year’s Eve partying down at bandmate Liam Payne’s fave club, the Funky Buddha.
Pix from the night seemed to reveal that Niall partied hard, and rang in the New Year in high style, as he was seen chatting up female fans in the VIP area.
On January 1st, Niall then tweeted:

“Happy new year everyone ! Hope you all have a great year.”

Happy New Year! The Boys Thank Fans For An Amazing 2014 #1DTweets

Here’s what the 1D boys were tweeting about over the New Year…


On New Year’s Eve, Harry wrote: “Thank you for this year to Mr. Lee Lodge.”
He added: “To everyone who has worked with us and supported us this year, thank you so much. We’re incredibly grateful for everything you’ve done. H”
“Be nice to everyone and do it five minutes early. Hope everyone has a lovely new year. Thank you for an amazing 2014. All the love .x”
As 2015 hit, he said: “Happy New Year.”
“It’s 2015.”
He also wrote: “Burger.”


On 30th December, Niall said: “Can’t sleep ! Bored shitless now !”
Moving onto the subject of football, he tweeted: “fans inevitably sacked managers thisChristmas ! Its ridiculous.Money is the reason they’re not keeping their jobs!So the board should be out”
“This thing of sitting in the stand as booing managers is madness, he needs money to buy players, he can only do the best with what he’s got”
Finally, he said: “quality from @dcfcofficial tonight ! Great way to end the year”
On New Year’s Day, he said: “Happy new year everyone ! Hope you all have a great year”


On 30th December, Liam tweeted: “Morning everyone almost new year”
He said on New Year’s Day: “Happy new yearrrrrr everyone thank you so much once again the best year of my life so far what will next year bring x”


Yesterday, Louis tweeted: “Happy new year everyone !! Thank you for being so incredibly supportive in 2014 ! Lots of love !!! X”
He also wrote: “Let’s help this incredibly inspirational family! What a beautiful little girl !justgiving.com/RubyYoungJourney


Once again, there were no tweets from Zayn over the last few days. He last tweeted on 21st December.

Come back on Monday to see what the boys were tweeting about over the weekend…

The One Direction Boys Tease Niall Horan About Leaving The Band

Earlier this week, Twitter went into meltdown.
And that was due to an incredibly cruel rumour that Niall Horan was leaving One Direction.
Harry Styles and Niall Horan Behind The Scenes Four Photoshoot
The rumour was actually due to two very popular news websites having their Twitter accounts hacked.
Luckily, the rumour was not true and Directioners managed to turn it around into something pretty hilarious.
Other people who found it funny too, were the One Direction boys themselves.
Apparently, when the rumour broke the boys began teasing Nialler about supposedly leaving the band, and they all had a pretty good laugh about it.
A source reportedly told HollywoodLife: “They were texting him to come back to the band and making joke decisions that didn’t involve him. They all had a pretty fun laugh about it. They aren’t breaking up and they wanted to treat the news as it was, a complete joke.
“Harry thought it would be funny if he had the whole band act like Niall was out of the band and started talking to him and treating him like he was in the past tense, they ran with it all day,” the source added.
We imagine that was pretty hilarious for the rest of the boys, but poor Nialler!
By now, we’ve learned to get used to the whole ‘One Direction are breaking up’ or ‘one of the boys are leaving’ rumours, to the point where they just provide us with amusement.
Although, we’re not sure what we’d do if the rumours ever came true…

Could One Direction Be Hiring A Sixth Member For Their Next Music Video?

One Direction Sixth Member

According to rumours circulating online, One Direction are set to hire a brand new member for their next music video! But who could it be?

We’ll give you a clue – the rumoured sixth member would be both the youngest and smallest member of One Direction. Have you guessed it yet? Don’t worry if not, because we’re going to tell you right now.
Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall will apparently be joined in their next music video by… Eric Cowell. That’s right, Simon Cowell’s son might be starring in One Direction’s next official video video. How cute would that be?
Speaking to The Sun, an insider said: “Simon was saying how much Eric loves playing on his little drum set and how he is already into music. He said he’d like to see his son in a One Direction video and thinks it’d be hilarious.
Watch out Josh Devine, it looks you’ve got competition from a new drummer and he’s coming for your job.
The source did however admit that Simon probably wasn’t being serious so who knows? We might never see Eric join the band for a day but if it was done in the right way, we do think that it could actually be pretty funny.
For example, Eric’s appearance could be quite fitting if the boys ever decided to release a music video for ‘Act My Age’. It’d relate to the track’s lyrics and after all, our boys certainly can be big kids at heart sometimes.

Would you like Simon’s son to be in the next 1D video? Let us know below!