Harry Styles “Really Enjoying” Time With New Girlfriend Roxie Nafousi

Harry Styles has a new girlfriend, apparently.

We know we know, you’re all thinking “here we go again…”
Roxie Nafousi - Instagram pic
It seems that not a day goes by without a brand new Harry Styles dating rumour flying around, and here’s yet another one.
This time, it’s reports that Harry is in fact dating stylist Roxie Nafousi, who he apparently met back in October at the Annabel’s 50th Birthday party.
According to the Daily Star, Roxie Nafousi is “exactly what Harry needs” and they’re getting on like a house on fire.
A source apparently told the paper: “Harry and Roxie really enjoyed each others company and have had quite a few dates.”
Harry Styles Close Up
Now, we’ve lost count of the amount of dates that Harry has supposedly been on, just how much time does he have to take ladies out for fancy meals?!
“They are close but it isn’t serious and they are just taking it slow and that seems to be why it is working for them,” the source added: “They are both so relaxed with it which is exactly what Harry needs when he is so busy”.
Of course, we’re not exactly sure how true all of this is – but if it is true, they’ve done a pretty good job of keeping it a secret for the last few months!

What do you guys think?