Harry Styles Puts His Life In Danger To Comfort A Distressed Fan

Harry Styles truly is the kindest and most caring person we’ve ever come across.

Harry Styles comforts fan
We already know that Harry has a heart of gold, and he’s proved it in more than one way. But, his latest kind gesture has moved the whole One Direction fandom.
According to One Direction fan update Twitter account @1DUpdatesOnline, Harry put his own safety at risk to comfort a fan who was hyperventilating.
At One Direction’s secret ‘Who We Are’ book signing in London yesterday, one fan got a little overwhelmed about the thought of meeting Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn.
The fan began hyperventilating and required attention of paramedics, who had been called. However, Harry Styles was at her rescue as he spotted what was going on while she waited for the ambulance.

Harry insisted that he went to comfort the fan, breaking all sorts of security procedures as he had to get the safety barriers removed in order to get to her.
The Twitter account wrote: “A fan had a panic attack today and Harry pushed pass a barrier, comforted her, and hugged her for 3 minutes until she had calmed down.
“After Harry helped calm down the fan today he shook the paramedics hands that had been with her and thanked them.”

Nobody can ever doubt that Harry Styles loves his fans, as he puts them first without a thought for his own safety.
The fan who was comforted by Harry, wrote on Twitter: “Don’t you ever say Harry doesn’t care. He broke through the security barrier, despite security not wanting him to, to hug me and hold me and make sure I was ok while we just held each and said we loved each other.
“People say to never meet your idols, but he’s exceeded all expectations. Words cannot describe how genuine, kind, loving and caring that boy is.”

Is Harry Styles not just the nicest person ever?!