Niall Gets Boobs Drawn On His Face As Laura Whitmore Gets Revenge

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Niall with ink on his face!
That’s the old saying, anyway. And Niall Horan was sound asleep and out stone-cold, when revenge in the name of Laura Whitmore was visited upon his snoozing face.
To set the stage: two years ago, Laura was pranked by the naughty Niallster when he posted a pic of himself, wearing Laura’s undies on top of his head.
Now Laura’s pranked Niall back — after the two Irish stars spent the night in each other’s company, chilling out, with Niall documenting their night out on Instagram, before the 1D lad fell soundly to sleep.
During which slumber time, Laura took the opportunity to draw a pair of big breasts on Niall’s cheek — then promptly shared a pic of the boobs with Niall’s fans online.
Niall’s buddy Eoghan helped Laura with the prank — and then ended up on the wrong side of Laura’s wrath also, as she pencilled a penis on the lads’ face!
Laura then wrote this retort:
“Two years ago two boys named Eoghan and Niall went into my home while was out, and into my underwear drawer…
“[They] then took pictures wearing my underwear on their heads. And tweeted them. It’s been a long process, but I’ve finally had my revenge!!”
Niall wearing Laura Whitmores underwear
Earlier in the night, Niall had posted pix of the pair, all collected together holding up tea cups.
He posted: “The LIC have assembled, Lyons tea, tayto crisps, and father ted! #WeAreDefinitelyIrish #LIC.”