The boys have been hard at work on their ‘Where We Are’ tour for the last few months, but it looks as though we could see an announcement about their new single very soon!
Back in April, One Direction released their most recent single You & I which reached a peak of number 19 on the UK chart.
There have already been details released about a song Ryan Tedder wrote for the boys, as well as a track which McBusted wrote with them which is so good that they want to release it themselves.
But the track which is most interesting is the one written by Naughty Boy where Zayn apparently raps on it.
We sent one of our “moles” out digging for some facts, and managed to squeeze the following goss out of someone close to the band.
They revealed to us: “The boys are trying to move away from the typical pop music of their first two albums. Midnight Memories was already lot rockier and they want to keep trying new things with all their future stuff.
The next single will no doubt shock a lot of people as it is not what you would expect from One Direction, but they think everyone will love it.
Ooooh, well Zayn rapping is not what most people would expect so is that a hint that it’s the track written by Naughty Boy?
They also told us: “The song is set to be released shortly after the boys have finished the ‘Where We Are’ tour, although they are trying to find a way to fit the new single into the setlist for the final few dates of the tour.”
Those of you going to the last few dates of the tour could be in for a treat if that really is true then!
So by our reckoning, the tour finishes on October 5th, meaning the single might be released mid-October. This means we should be hearing the first previews of the song in early September if the previous singles are anything to go by.
Ooooh exciting times!

Which single do you think the boys will be releasing next based on that information? We think it could well be the Naughty Boy one!