One Direction just announced plans for a 2015 world tour, titled On the Road Again! We couldn’t possibly be more excited about this news, as it means we have yet another opportunity to see the boys live!

However, Directioners in one part of the world are perhaps a tad more excited than the rest of us. For their 2015 tour, One Direction are making their Middle Eastern debut in Dubai!

Fans from all over the United Arab Emirates are freaking out over the possibility of getting tickets—a task which seems rather daunting.
27-year-old directioner Philippa Kevan commented, “I’ve got a decision to make. I have to pick up a friend from the airport that morning, which means I won’t be able to queue up for the tickets at Virgin Megastore. I’ll probably ask a friend to get them for me.”
To be honest, if we were in her shoes, we might ask our friend to wait a little at the airport while we personally purchase the tickets.
After all, since this is the first time the boys are touring in their area, girls in the UAE must be frantic to get their hands on good seats.
Philippa continued, “I get this all the time, that I’m twenty-seven and I still like them. I just laugh it off and say, ‘That’s right. I do.’ I love the sound of their music.
“I’m such a big fan that I would go skydiving if it meant doing it with the boys, even though I’m terrified of heights.”
We can’t blame you there…
Thomas Ovesen, the chief executive of Done Events, remarked, “Judging by the Twitter trends and the response we had on Facebook already, we know that it’s going to be huge. This is why we have two ticketing partners with us this time.”

Good luck to all directioners in the UAE!