Zayn Malik can “spit bars” guys, did you know that?

Let’s just translate ‘spitting bars’ to ‘rapping’ and then we can understand a little more.
According to DJ and producer Naughty Boy, Bradford Bad Boi Zayn is actually pretty sick at spitting some bars. Y’get me?
We all knew that the Zaynster was working on some tunes with Naughty Boy and Emeli Sandé, and had been showcasing his rapping skills.
And now, Naughty Boy has praised those very skills. Speaking to Capital FM at the Ivor Novello Awards, Naughty Boy said:
Zayn’s actually quite a good rapper, we’ve been in the studio doing some One Direction stuff, and he can spit bars! Of course he can! Big up Zayn and his bars.
So, it looks like we’re definitely getting some rap on One Direction’s next album, which is pretty exciting. Right?
One things for sure – 1D aren’t afraid of taking their music in different directions. From pop to rock and now to rap – we’ve had it all!
Teasing the “amazing” tune that we can expect to hear sometime soon – hopefully – Naughty Boy continued:
The song’s amazing that we’ve done. Emeli (Sande) wrote on it as well and this new guy Sam Roman who’s on my next single as well.
We’re all aware that One Direction are working with quite a few different artists and producers for their new album, such as Kodaline, McFly and Ryan Tedder, and Naughty Boy reveals that he thinks it’s a great thing that they’re branching out a bit.
Instead of the five of them just working together all of the time, he thinks it’s a great thing that they’re putting their A-list celeb contacts to good use. He said:
I think it’s good for them, because they’re different people at the end of the day. Your never gonna put them in a room and they’re like the same thing.
We hear loads about Harry, Liam and Niall in the studio with other artists, working on new material, but until we heard about Naughty Boy and Emeli Sandé, it was very rare for Zayn to be taking some studio time on his own with other artists.
And it looks like Naughty Boy was his first port of call when the Zaynster was deciding who to work with. He added:
I was the first producer (Zayn) actually spent time with outside the band, so I think it’s important to him that he’s got someone where there is a musical chemistry, and he can actually do what he wants.

We’re SO excited to hear Zayn’s rapping on the new album! If he can pull it off like he can with those high notes, then we’re in for a real treat!


One Direction just announced plans for a 2015 world tour, titled On the Road Again! We couldn’t possibly be more excited about this news, as it means we have yet another opportunity to see the boys live!

However, Directioners in one part of the world are perhaps a tad more excited than the rest of us. For their 2015 tour, One Direction are making their Middle Eastern debut in Dubai!

Fans from all over the United Arab Emirates are freaking out over the possibility of getting tickets—a task which seems rather daunting.
27-year-old directioner Philippa Kevan commented, “I’ve got a decision to make. I have to pick up a friend from the airport that morning, which means I won’t be able to queue up for the tickets at Virgin Megastore. I’ll probably ask a friend to get them for me.”
To be honest, if we were in her shoes, we might ask our friend to wait a little at the airport while we personally purchase the tickets.
After all, since this is the first time the boys are touring in their area, girls in the UAE must be frantic to get their hands on good seats.
Philippa continued, “I get this all the time, that I’m twenty-seven and I still like them. I just laugh it off and say, ‘That’s right. I do.’ I love the sound of their music.
“I’m such a big fan that I would go skydiving if it meant doing it with the boys, even though I’m terrified of heights.”
We can’t blame you there…
Thomas Ovesen, the chief executive of Done Events, remarked, “Judging by the Twitter trends and the response we had on Facebook already, we know that it’s going to be huge. This is why we have two ticketing partners with us this time.”

Good luck to all directioners in the UAE!


Will there be an American One Direction?

Is there a Yank band on the hunk horizon, that might rival the fanatical fanbase of Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn?
If so, some in the music biz are saying it might be The Neighbourhood, a five-guy boy-band out of California.
They first appeared in 2012, rockin’ the Web with their debut track, “Female Robbery,” then dropped their maiden LP, “I Love You,” in 2013.
The Neighourhood share at least one thing with the guys in One Direction — they’re on the same recording label — but they’re as different from 1D as night and day.
The band’s frontman, Jesse Rutherford, described the band’s sound to Digital Spy.
“It can be cool and dark and moody,” he said. “But it can also be like, ‘You’re being a little bit**, get over it.’ That’s just how the fu** I am…I’m up and down. Our manager was watching us play the other night and he was like, ‘Are you all good?’ and I was like, ‘I dunno, man, I guess I’m just moody.’ And that’s how it comes out sometimes.”
The Neighourhood’s look is totally black and white — in fact, they’ve refused to appear on TV, unless they’re filmed in black and white. Jesse explained why:
“It’s important to stick to something,” he said. “[The black and white thing] was one defining thing for us, where we were like, ‘We’re gonna do that, we’re gonna keep it.’ People will look at it and go, ‘Wow, that’s cool! That’s The Neighbourhood’s thing!’
“We’re from happy, sunny, blue skies California,” he added, “with beautiful weather all the time. Music is a release of some sort, and I think our music is a cool outlet to get out the bullsh**. It just feels better, to make darker songs.”
What do you Directioners think?
Do The Neighbourhood stand a snowball’s chance in hell, of being the American One Direction?

Or are they just another band of popstar posers?


That heroic hunk Harry Styles seems to have quadrupled his fanatical female fanbase, after saving a South American fan earlier this week.

Video shot by a Brazilian Directioner named Beatriz, and loaded to YouTube, shows our hunkalicious Harry stop his singing during the band’s performance in Brazil, to help aid one of the group’s many devotees who were fainting during the Sao Paulo shows, when security couldn’t see what was happening.
“The fan was passing out,” Beatriz reported to the world, “and [Harry] totally stopped to sing the parts he should be singing to help her…
“I wish I had started taping earlier,” the Directioner said, “because he was calling all the security he was seeing in front of him. He was really really worried about the girl, and it was really sweet of him!”
After the gig, news of Harry’s heroics spread quickly via Twitter. He was called an “angel” by many of his followers.
The news swiftly reached Harry’s sister Gemma, one of Harry’s biggest supporters.
Gemma saw the video of Harry’s courageous efforts, and captioned the video for her brother:
“Good egg!”
Other fans also poured their love all over the 1D superstar singer.
“Awh he is so caring and protective!” posted one fan on YouTube.
“He also threw a bottle of water at us in the concert in peru,” wrote another, “cause it was so packed we couldnt breathe. Hes an actual angel!”
The band then completed the South American leg of their massive “Where We Are” stadium tour. Now the guys are relaxing on a short break, before beginning their UK leg in Dublin next week.

Here’s what Harry himself had to say, at the end of the South American tour, calling it “absolutely incredible” and that he had “fallen in love with it!”
Did Harry’s heroics make YOU fall even more madly in love with the hunk?


As you may have heard, Harry Styles is supposedly ‘dating’ Lou Teasdale.

These rumours have come as no surprise to us, as whenever Harry Styles stands within 10 feet of a female, he’s automatically dating them.
So, when we found out that One Direction’s hairdresser Lou Teasdale had split up with long-term partner Tom Atkin, it was just a great excuse for the rumour mill to get in full spin mode.
Harry and Lou have made no secret about how much time they spend together and enjoy each other’s company, so this rumour was pretty much set up for them.
Speaking to Now magazine about Harry and Lou, an insider said:
They do everything together. They’re very close
They might be ‘very close’, but that doesn’t mean anything really, does it? Obviously we think that Harry and Lou would make a great couple, but we’re pretty sure that they’re just friends and absolutely nothing more than that.
And it looks like they probably never will be either, as the source added that Lou is hoping to reconcile her relationship with Tom, and that it’s not quite over between them.
There’s a chance Lou and Tom will sort things out, but Harry’s supporting Lou for now. They’re having big hearts-to-hearts all the time.
Of course Harry is going to be there for Lou, we’re sure that she’s probably one of his best friends. Friends! What don’t people seem to understand about this?
The insider continued:
Lou’s devastated and her priority is Lux, but she’s grateful to have Harry in her life – he’s good at cheering her up.
We’re sure that Harry is great at cheering anyone up, one look at that beautiful face and we’re instantly beaming.
To be honest, we think that these Harry and Lou dating rumours are a whole load of rubbish, and just an excuse to get Harry’s love life in the news.
But, if Harry and Lou were to ever get together then it wouldn’t be the end of the world!

What do you guys think of all of this?


We’ve seen a fair few Harry Styles lookalikes, but this one just takes things to the extreme…

Bet you thought that was Hazza for a minute there, didn’t you?
Well, it is in fact a Brazillian Directioner who adores Harry SO much, that he’s gone and replicated his famous inkings all over his own body! Jheez. And we thought we were dedicated fans!
He even completed the look with Hazza’s trademark headband, just to make sure that he really does look the part. We think he’s definitely got it going on. Just saying.
How did anyone come across such a fabulous Hazza lookalike you might ask? Well, it was in fact producer Ben Winston who bumped into the Brazillian hottie!
We’re sure that he’s been dying to get noticed for a while now, so what are the chances of him just bumping into Ben Winston on the beach whilst bearing all of his tattoos? Crazy, right?
Ben Winston tweeted the pic at the weekend along with the caption: “The One Direction obsession reaches new heights on Copacabana beach. #yestheyarereal.”
So, we reckon this would definitely make a pretty good feature in One Direction’s upcoming ‘This Is Us 2′ movie.
Speaking of the movie, Morgan Spurlock said:
Yes, there will be a follow-up to ‘This Is Us’. At this moment, they are being filmed by the man behind the first movie, Ben Winston…Ben is with the band on their world tour, filming what happens. He worked with me, and is a great producer. There are no firm plans of what will happen to the footage. But top of the agenda is another movie.
We definitely vote for this Brazillian lookalike to appear in the film!

What do you guys think?


Louis and Zayn look a little pi**ed off to say the least.

As with anywhere they go, One Direction are constantly mobbed by fans hoping to get a quick selfie with them, and Ricky Cox is no exception.
Ricky happened to bump into Zayn and Louis in a shop in London, where they can be seen searching through magazines. What are the chances, really? Guaranteed One Direction will NEVER pay a visit to our local corner shop.
Anyway, instead of approaching them and asking for an autograph and what not, Ricky decided to whip his phone out and hope to catch their attention by quite eerily saying “Happy Monday One Direction”.
Louis and Zayn DID notice him, and they DID turn around… But, unfortunately they just ended up featuring on the Vine video looking preeeetty annoyed.
Louis assessed the situation by giving Ricky a quick head-to-toe, whilst Zayn just didn’t really care and returned to his magazine searching.
Check out the video:
Eek! Wouldn’t fancy being Ricky Cox right now, would you? Meanwhile, Zayn’s sister has slammed a “pathetic” Zayn hate account on Twitter, after this Tweet:

Zayn’s sister, Waliyha, was NOT having any of this, and so she tweeted back to them saying:seriously you’ve made an account because you said zayns rude ? But then your sat there your self hiding behind you’re screen.”
She reportedly added: Saying horrible stuff to him? Get a life seriously you pathetic piece of s**t!” But has since deleted the tweets.

Oooh, you go girl!


One Direction’s ‘Where We Are’ tour is in full swing, but unfortunately for their South American fans, it’s all over for them.

The boys played the last date of their South American leg of the tour last night in Sao Paulo, Brazil following other dates in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

They now get a short break until they kick off the UK and Ireland leg of their tour on Friday, 23rd May at Dublin’s Croke Park. How exciting?!!
1D will also play Sunderland, Manchester, Edinburgh and London before heading off to the European leg of the tour on 13th June.
Despite some unfortunate things that happened to Harry during a few of the shows – such asfalling over on stage and being hit in the crotch - he tweeted a few hours ago about how much he’s loved it over there!
Did you hear that, South America? Harry Styles is in LOVE with you. Wow, you guys must have been pretty incredible over there! We definitely have a lot to live up to over here in the UK to make our concerts even better! :)
The boys kicked off the tour with a bang, and there’s been loads of amazing pictures and videos posted online by fans. Which just get us even more excited for when we get to go and see them!
Obviously, there’s tonnes of fan filmed videos on YouTube, but it’s hard to pick out some of our favourite ones because there’s just SO many!
So, when we came across this pretty amazing video of the WHOLE concert on YouTube we thought ‘why the heck not?’ yes, we sat and watched the whole concert on our computer screens. And it was SO worth it.
If you weren’t lucky enough to get tickets for a 1D show this year, then you might want to watch this, you can just pretend that you’re there.

How awesome is that?
If you didn’t watch it because you don’t want to spoil the concert for when you get to go and see them, then let us just tell you… You’re in for a real treat!
And what’s even more awesome is the fact that the boys are set to announce more dates for the tour!
We have confirmation that the boys will be announcing some extra tour dates next Monday! We’re not too sure as to where the shows will be as of yet, but if you’re still holding out for One Direction to come to you then definitely keep an eye out for that one!
We’ll be updating the site as soon as the new dates are announced, so keep checking back! :)

Are you going to the ‘Where We Are’ tour?


30 times Harry Styles has sat his beautiful boy-band bod down n’ composed a brand new song for his 1D bandmates.

Harry Styles #stepbackandlisten
Now the hunk’s gone and done again! And news of Harry’s 31st tune has been leaked to Directioners now!
According to reports, the song’s title is “Want You To Be There,” and it was a collab written with Ed Sheeran’s bud, Jake Gosling.
31 tracks also makes Harry the most fertile, most productive, most prolific songwriter in One Direction.
Sources reveal that the new Harry track will be featured on the next One Direction LP, which is due to be dropped on die-hard fans sometime later this year.
Yesterday, Harry’s bandmate Liam Payne dropped by his Twitter page, to drop hints about the new 1D album….and immediately the mysterious hashtag “stepbackandlisten” became a Twitter trend.
“So here it is,” Liam posted, “for all you people who have been turning us off for the last four years, this next album is about to blow your minds! #stepbackandlisten.”

The Sun newspaper also reveals that Harry’s new 1D composition with Jake Gosling is far from their first compositional collab. Directioners will recall that Jake was the producer for the band’s tracks “Take Me Home” and “Little Things.”
Meanwhile, the final shows on One Direction’s South American tour were going down in Sao Paolo this weekend. The first night at the Sao Paolo stadium, fans waiting to scream their hearts and lungs out instead found themselves getting soaked to the bone, by a tropical rainstorm!
After the show, Harry tweeted this message out to their South American fanbase:
“Sao Paolo you were amazing tonight thank you for having us! Obrigado?”
To which Niall blasted this post-gig bulletin:
“That was incredible Sao Paolo! Stadium was huge! Thank you! Xx”


Early in the morning on Thursday, May 8th, our One Direction boys had an unfortunate incident with the police.

We’re talking very early. Like, 4AM early.
During their stay at the Fasano Hotel in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, the 1D lads threw an all-night rooftop party.

A source claims that the band’s management even extended the invitation to some young girls staying at the hotel.
Can you imagine being on vacation in Rio and being invited to a One Direction party? What could be better?? Uh, nothing…
Apparently the boys were blasting a mix of reggae music and R&B hits until very early hours of the morning, when fellow hotel guests called the police.
Sofia Alves de Silva, age 30, and her boyfriend Andre Duarte, age 32, filed a complaint with the hotel management around 4:00 AM.
The couple, who was vacationing from Portugal, even called the police after speaking with the hotel workers.
After what we’re sure was a really long night, Andre complained, “I’m so angry. The noise has kept us awake all night. We can’t sleep.
“This is absolutely ridiculous. We came downstairs in our pajamas to ask the hotel to stop the party. We called the police.”
The blaring music emanating from the roof allegedly stopped about thirty minutes later, assumedly after Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis had a chat with the authorities.
We’re sure that the boys didn’t mean any harm by throwing the party; they were probably just celebrating yet another successful tour date.
However, we can imagine how frustrating it must have been for Sofia and Andre, who were just trying to get a good night’s sleep amidst pounding music and screaming fans.

But really, can you imagine being one of the girls at the hotel who was invited to the party? What would you do if you were there??


When we heard that One Direction were releasing You & I as their next single we thought it was a bit of an odd choice of song.
The single Midnight Memories was by far their worst charting song, and it is not that normal these days to release more than 3 singles off one album.
We do love the song, don’t get us wrong, we just thought they would have released a song maybe from album four next.
But now we know the real reason why the boys have decided to release You & I as a single and it’s because of you.
Yes you!
The boys have revealed that the song it about the relationship between the boys and the Directioners.
So if that song already made you cry, it will no doubt make you cry even more now.
The boys revealed the secret behind the single to The Celeb Culture.
Liam explained: “In a way the song is about the relationship with us and the fans. We wouldn’t be anything without the fans.”
While Niall added: “When you step on that stage and hear that first roar, it’s a game changer.”
Harry then said: “We’re so lucky to have the fans that we have. They’re outrageous, they are amazing.”
Seriously that may be the cutest thing the boys have ever said – we may have a little tear in our eye!

So what do you think about You & I being written about the fans? Are you as emotional as us?


Every day we get asked when are One Direction going to come to my country or are any more tickets going to be released as part of their ‘Where We Are’ world tour.
Well if you live in the Philippines we have some very good news for you.
1D will be visiting next March!
A 13 second video was leaked today which announced the news.
In the vid, Niall said: “Hello, Manila, we’re One Direction and we got some great news for you.” 
Zayn added: “We’re coming to Manila on March the 21st.”
Liam chipped in with: “We think we’ll see you there.” 
“See you then,” Niall ended with.
The band revealed that MMI Live were the people bringing them to Manila and they had previously tweeted that an announcement due to be made on the 7th May had to be moved to the 19th May, which we think is when this video was supposed to be made live.
We don’t know whether the visit will be shows, radio tours or just some interviews. All will no doubt be revealed on the 19th.
It does however give fans in the Philippines a few extra days to start saving for merchandise and gig tickets.
We’re not too sure if the date in Manila will be linked to the Where We Are show, or will just be a standalone show.
Although a quick search on Twitter and there are numerous rumours of the boys visiting Australia in February next year, which would tie in with the Manila date.

What do you think about these tour dates?


So, currently trending all over Twitter are several photos of Harry Styles, apparently drunk in Brazil!

How can everyone tell he’s drunk? Well, the fact he’s getting very clingy and cuddly with music video director Ben Winston is a bit of a giveaway!
If you haven’t seen the photos yet, here they are in full glory – Drunk Harry!

The fact Harry is wearing a top with the words “Hot ‘N’ Hard” on the back make things look a little worse… Anyway, we’ve been scrolling through Twitter finding some of the best and funniest responses from Directioners to drunk Harry… Here they are!

What do you think of drunk Harry? Was he really drunk, or just messing around? Either way, it’s so cute!


Later this month, Niall will manage a football team featuring Liam and Louis, in aid of the Irish Autism Action charity.

Niall’s team will take on a rival group of players, led by journalist and chat show host Piers Morgan.
So, alongside Niall, Liam, Louis and Piers, what other famous faces will we see?
Well, alongside previously confirmed names such as ex-footballers Robbie Savage and Jimmy Bullard, and star of 1980s band Spandau Ballet, Martin Kemp, there have been even more new players announced.
Yesterday, hilarious comedian Jack Whitehall revealed on Twitter: “I’m playing for @NiallOfficial team at this charity football match”
Niall also added another ex-professional footballer to his said. Event manager Gary Keating tweeted: “Another signing @NiallOfficial offers @Mark5Wright a one day contract. In the words of @piersmorgan BOOM.”
Niall’s team is getting stronger and stronger… Not only has he got some new players onside, but he’s also recruited an assistant manager – none other than 1D music video director Ben Winston!
Niall tweeted: “yes piers the rumours are true! @benwinston is making a return to management and will be my assistant manager on the day!”

The match takes place on 26th May 2014 at the King Power Stadium in Leicester, UK. Tickets are available here.

Anyway, Niall is currently with One Direction in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on the “Where We Are” tour. Surely in between performing he’s seeing all the sites? Well, it appears not.
Sadly, Niall tweeted: “Would love to have a look around rio! Doubt it will happen to be fair haha! #tourlife”.


If you remember the Jonas Brothers from the height of their careers, you probably remember the song “Burnin’ Up.” Arguably the best part of that song is the rap by their bodyguard, Big Rob.

Well history repeats itself with boybands and lovable bodyguards – Paul Higgins is almost as well-known among Directioners as the boys themselves!

While we always knew that Paul seemed like a pretty awesome guy, we didn’t know exactly how awesome he was until recently.
While One Direction were performing in Peru, Paul Higgins took a field trip to a local prison to visit an Irish woman behind bars.
He brought chocolate eggs and KFC takeout to Michaella McCollum Connolly and her friend Melissa Reid, who were sentenced six years and eight months, respectively, after attempting to smuggle £1.5 million of cocaine out of the country.
A source commented, “Paul does a lot of work for charity that you just don’t hear about. He was in Peru with One Direction, and during his downtime he decided that the Christian thing to do would be to visit an Irish person who was in prison.”
The insider continued, “He felt that seeing a friendly face would give her a lift. He does not know her or the family, and he did not tell any of One Direction that he was going.
“He was just trying to do a good deed as he felt that there wouldn’t be many visitors coming from Ireland to see them. He is not there to judge them for what they did nor does he condone anything they have done.”
While visiting, Paul apparently talked to the two women about how he and the One Direction boys have learned to cope with the constant spotlight.
Melissa Reid’s father later commented, “I think it will have helped the girls to hear about how One Direction cope with fame because since everything has happened they’ve been pushed into the spotlight…but obviously for different reasons.
“It’s great of him to do that and take time out of his busy schedule to visit them.”
Paul also gave free One Direction tickets to the families of the two girls.

He is clearly a wonderful guy, and we love him even more now that we know how much he cares about others.