It appears that Harry Styles has a LOT to thank a retired paramedic from Newport for.

After all, he wouldn’t be Harry Styles without him…

…So he claims.
A retired St John’s Ambulance worker has come forward to claim that HE is the reason that Harry Styles is in fact named Harry Styles.
According to Harry (not Harry Styles), he came to the rescue of Hazza’s mum, Anne Cox, 20 years ago whilst she was heavily pregnant with the curly-haired heartthrob at a concert in Birmingham.
Obviously, Anne must have not been in the right state of mind when she apparently looked up at him and said: “You’re quite nice, if it’s a boy I’m going to call him Harry.” Yeah, ok. Because THAT happened.
The story continues, with Harry telling Wales Online: “It’s a great feeling to know I may have had a part in his fame.”
Well, let’s be honest… You didn’t really, did you? Unless you were the one to physically push him onto the X Factor stage and force him to belt out “She’s So Lovely”, causing millions of girls turn to mush then really, you had nothing to do with it.

The comedian in the making continued: “Harry is a great name – I’m sure he wouldn’t have gone on to have the success he has had if he was called something different.”
Yep, we’re sure he wouldn’t. It’s really his name that we all sit and drool over approximately 20 hours a day, and nothing to do with his beautiful face or luscious locks.
He added: “I have to admit I don’t think I’d know the other Harry Styles if he walked past me in the street.” Oh, you would. Just look out for the herd of screaming girls behind him, you couldn’t really miss it.
In case you hadn’t already worked it out, these claims are complete and utter garbage, with Hazza’s mum herself saying: “Never cease to be amazed by the rubbish that gets written!! Utter drivel!! @WalesOnline @Daily_Express #dontbelieveeverythingyouread.”

Oh Harry, nice try!