The upcoming Japanese film titled “Say ‘I Love You,’” released July 12, looks absolutely adorable, even though we don’t speak a word of Japanese.

The new movie is based on a popular comic book series featuring characters Mei and Yamaoto.
It sounds like a typical chick flick—the shy, lonely girl develops a crush on the most popular boy in school. They soon become good friends…but will their friendship become anything more?
The series, originally published in 2008, includes twelve volumes, and it was turned into an animated TV series in 2012, so the new movie is bound to be really popular.
The trailer is really cute, but the best part? It features the One Direction song “Happily!”
Now this song is arguably one of the best off Midnight Memories, but we haven’t heard it too often! Well, outside of our own stereos/
It’s not one of One Direction’s singles, and as far as we know, there’s no music video in the works for it!
So it’s nice to see this amazing song getting some recognition. Plus, if the moviemakers are using it in the trailer, the movie can’t be half bad, right?
Although many of you don’t speak Japanese, we think this might be a good movie to rent later on and watch with the subtitles. It does look like a really cute movie.

Will you watch “Say ‘I Love You?’” And how exciting is it that “Happily” is used in the trailer?!