We have all listened to every single One Direction album numerous times.

But now some parents in Michigan have decided to protest against One Direction’s ‘Live While We’re Young’.
The song is set to be the backing track for a student showcase on Saturday, but parents have decided that they don’t want them to use the song during the show as the song contains lyrics which promote sexual activity.
A letter which was submitted to the school said: “These lyrics promote sexual activity among teens… by implying a casual one-night hook-up and by hinting at the serious issue of sexting.”
The letter also calls the lyrics ‘vulgar’ and says that the songs inclusion in the show breaks their code of conduct.
Looking past the fact that this song was released in 2012 and they didn’t have a problem then, we’ll have a look at the lyrics in question.
“Tonight, let’s get some….” well there are numerous ways that this could end.
Tonight let’s get some cake, some cheese, some chocolate.
Other lyrics include “Don’t let the pictures leave your phone” and “I know we’ve only met, but lets pretend it’s love.”
We’d be pretty annoyed if we were the students.

What do you think about One Direction lyrics, do they contain too much innuendo?


Hendall Update No. 281739562

After a whirlwind romance, it seems that Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner’s relationship is officially over. We heard earlier this week that the couple had split up, before even confirming that they were dating.
But, just why did they split up? Well, according to reports Hazza was “forced” to do so by One Direction’s manager.
I know, sounds ridiculous right? Just listen to this…
According to the National Enquirer, a source had said: “Harry had confided to fellow band mate Zayn Malik that he’s madly in love with Kendall – and wants to marry her.”
Harry Styles? Marrying Kendall Jenner? Is this for real?!
Hm, the source continued: “Zayn, who’s newly engaged to singer Perrie Edwards, lent a sympathetic ear, but then let the news slip – and Harry’s big-money backers went BERSERK, knowing that young girls worldwide would hate the image of their sexy idol wrapped tightly – and permanently – in Kendall’s arms!”

Oh yeah, pin the blame on Zayn Malik for their relationship falling apart… VERY clever!
According to the same source, One Direction’s management had “stern” words with the curly-haired heartthrob, which went along the lines of something like this: “If you get engaged, it will not only affect YOUR popularity, but the band will take a huge hit.
It’s not just about the disappointment of all the teenage girls around the world, but the multimillions that could be lost from record, touring and merchandising sales.”
Now do you believe this? We’re not so sure. But we just find it all a bit ridiculous!

What do you guys think?

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Ahead of One Direction‘s mammoth ‘Where We Are’ stadium tour, which kicks off in less than two months, the boys have decided to relive some of the action from their ‘Take Me Home’ tour last year.

Uploaded to One Direction’s YouTube channel earlier this week, ‘Miami Memories’ shows what the boys got up to on their tour of the USA last year.
The boys discuss their time on tour, with Louis saying: “Doing live shows is great, we had our first show in America yesterday and it was just sick.”
They also revealed their favourite thing about touring, of which Zaynster said: “When we’re on stage and we get to perform to the fans and we get to see all our fans in one place enjoying our music and having fun, that’s definitely the best part of our job.”
We also got to see a quick flash of Zayn’s boxers. Which is always lovely to see. And we definitely can’t forget the Harry Styles topless moment in their either. Brilliant.
Niall reveals what the boys get up to just before heading out on stage, which is usually just chillin’ and relaxing, having a laugh with each other… Y’know, typical boy stuff.
After revealing earlier this week that there’s going to be some crazy fireworks on their ‘Where We Are’ tour, Liam revealed his favourite part of their ‘Take Me Home’ tour, saying: “We’ve got some cool stuff going on in the show, loads of fire and stuff. But for me, the best bit is going out over the audience on the big floaty stage.”
“Big floaty stage”. Not too sure that’s the technical term for it…

Check out part 1 of Miami Memories.


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Everyone knows that the One Direction boys have been working hard since their last tour on getting buff.
But one member of the band is causing management a lot of problems as they think he is becoming too obsessed with looking good and in the process not eating properly to try and get his weight down quicker.
The band member is of course Liam. An insider revealed: “The intensity of life in the band seems to affect Liam more than the other boys, and going to the gym seems to be one of the only things that relaxes him.
“But we do sometimes fear he might get carried away – especially if he’s not eating properly.”
This comes after Liam’s driving instructor Noel Gaughan had said: “When I was with him recently, he went all day on just coffee and KitKats – five days in a row.
“He said he didn’t want to feel full when he wasn’t exercising.”
Now Liam, we want you to look hot but please eat properly. Having just coffee and Kit Kats isn’t good for you at all!

Do you think management are right to be worried? Are you worried about how little Liam is actually eating?

Harry Styles Named Villain of the Year 2014 and We Demand a Recount

Harry Styles has been named Villain of the Year at the 2014 NME Awards...and we can't wrap our heads around it.

Because he's such a cupcake.

More unbelievable, perhaps, is the fact that Harry has won this for the second year in a row.

Harry beat out (lost out to?) villain nominees Miley Cyrus, David Cameron, Russell Brand, Robin Thicke and Valdimir Putin.

Certainly there are more villainous types on this list than Harry?

One Direction was also nominated for Worst Band, but The 1975 took home that honor (fellow nominees for worst band included The Wanted, Muse, Imagine Dragons and 30 Seconds to Mars)


If we had one word to describe Harry Styles, villain would definitely not be it.

But Hazza has been named Villain of the Year at the 2014 NME awards, taking home the award for the second time.
He even beat out Miley Cyrus to the title which is hard to believe, next they’ll be saying she’s a good role model for kids.
Anyway the panel didn’t hate the boys that much as they were also up for the award for Worst Band for the third year running along with The Wanted, but both bands dodged the award with it going instead to The 1975.
NME like to cause controversy with their choices for Villain of the Year and Worst Band, probably to give themselves a bit more promotion.
Not only did Harry beat out Miley to the title, but he also took it ahead of David Cameron, Russell Brand, Robin Thicke and Vladimir Putin.
Clearly someone was just jealous he had been spotted out with Kendall Jenner.
While in the Worst Band category, they were up against  Muse, Imagine Dragons and 30 Seconds to Mars as well as The Wanted and The 1975 who took the award home.

So, Harry Villain of the Year….discuss!

One Direction Announce New Fragrance: That Moment

.That moment when you hear that One Direction are releasing another new fragrance and you're like, "take my money..."

Today, Harry Styles did the honor and announced another fragrance to follow up 'Our Moment.'

It's called 'That Moment.'

What can fans expect from the new 1D signature scent?

Well, some of the good stuff about the original perfume...but, you know, different.

And in a slightly different bottle too, which Harry described as "swanky."

He did give a little clue that fans will be smelling old notes like "pink grapefruit and jasmine" as well as some new scents like "green apple and violet."

Coming to a fragrance counter near you in April...


Hendall has been a massive talking point for us here for a good few months now, after Harry and Kendall were spotted together on numerous occasions and were rumoured to be dating.
However, we heard earlier this week that the couple had broke up.

Following the split, Kendall Jenner is said to be devastated about losing Harry. A source told HollywoodLife that her sisters; Kylie Jenner and Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian, are helping her get through it.
The source said: “Kendall is absolutely crushed that Harry ended their relationship. She’s heartbroken and leaning on her sisters for support,
”She didn’t think she’d fall so hard for him the first place. She wanted to take their relationship to the next level and he basically said he couldn’t give her what she wanted and he didn’t want to hurt her.”
It wasn’t so long ago that we heard that Hazza was more of the ‘dumpee’ than the ‘dumper’, so do we really think that he’s the one who ended the relationship?
According to the source, there was never anything too serious going on anyway: “It was only a matter of time. When they hung out with each other they were just being young and having a good time,

“Mostly Harry wasn’t ever in it for the long haul,” the source added: “Kendall had a gleam of hope but she wasn’t his dream girl and his schedule was his out, he could have let it continue but it was his decision to move on.”
As with anything, we take information from sources with a pinch of salt. But we can completely understand if Kendall really was heartbroken over Harry, because we definitely would be too!
Do you think the rumours are true? Have Harry and Kendall really broke up? Were they ever actually dating in the first place? And did Harry end the relationship or Kendall?

Leave your comments below!

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BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Presenter Nick Grimshaw is very good friends with Harry Styles.
But despite being good friends with Harry, Nick hasn’t always seen eye to eye with Louis and the pair had a bit of an altercation back in November.
Now it has all kicked off again.
Nick was making a list of celebs more annoying than New Zealander Lorde during a feature on his show earlier this week. On Nick’s list was Usher, Joey Essex and Kelly Osbourne. Then his producer Ian Chaloner, not Nick, Ian chipped in with the nomination Louis.
So even though Nick didn’t pick Louis and Ian did, Nick received a lot of very nasty comments on Twitter ranging from Homophobic abuse to death threats.
I’m sure you’ll agree with us that even if Nick had said Louis name the abuse and death threats are too far, but the fact he didn’t even say Louis name and was still receiving this abuse is ridiculous.
Nick took to Twitter to address the trolls: “Hey 1D fans!!!!! i never mentioned the word “Louis” on my show today so enough with the charming homophobic death threats yeh?”

Do you think that Directioners took it too far with the abuse?


Excited for One Direction’s ‘Where We Are’ tour?

Of course you are! And you’re not the only ones. We are too, and so are One Direction!

Liam and Niall have dished the dirt on their mammoth stadium tour which they will be embarking on in two months.
One Direction always put on an incredible show, but now they’ve revealed that they’re planning on taking it next level for their biggest tour ever this year.
Speaking to Capital FM, Daddy Directioner Liam said: “We have Coldplay and Rudimental’s pyrotechnics guy…
“So we’re going to have some amazing fireworks. It’s going to be like bonfire night all over again.” Oh. Wow. It’s going to be incredible!
The lovely Nialler added: “We’ve been chatting with our creative director, a guy called Lee Lodge…
“He’s very good at stadiums. He did Robbie Williams’ last tour – he came up with the creative directive for that.” Now, we’ve seen what that looked like… And let’s just say, we were well and truly blown away! So just imagine what One Direction’s set will look like?! Eeeeep!
Nialler went on to say: “We’ve worked with Lee on basically all the TV performances we’ve ever done…
“[He] decided that he wants to come on board for our stadium tour and he’s been sending us pictures this week of our stage.” We want to see! Reckon there’s any chance of Lee sending us them piccies, too?
Probably not, so we’ll just have to wait and see for ourselves!

Who’s going to the ‘Where We Are’ tour then?!

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Since the news that Niall had broken up with Barbara Palvin was announced, Niall has been linked with Selena Gomez.
Now we don’t know how true it is or whether they are just friends, but apparently the pair went on a date last week while Selena was over here for the BRIT awards after being set up by none other than Harry’s ex Taylor Swift.
A source told Heat magazine: “Niall’s always fancied Selena, and he’s made no secret of it. So when he went to Taylor’s gig at the O2 London on 2 February he talked to her about setting them up.”
They added: “He’s just split from Barbra [Palvin] and Selena’s trying to get over Justin [Bieber] so it’s perfect timing.”
So this is Niall Horan we’re talking about, so where does he take Selena on their first date……Nandos of course!
The source added: “Niall’s exactly the kind of guy [Selena] needs right now. He’s so sweet, a total gentleman and 100 per cent not a player like Justin turned out to be.”
Well there is no argument from our side that Niall is a much better boyfriend than Justin, but do we want Niall to date Selena…. we’re not too sure yet!

What do you think about Niall and Selena dating?


I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise to hear that one of our boys have gone and got yet another new tattoo.

This time, it was the turn of Harry Styles!
Hazza was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday sporting a new heart tattoo on his left bicep.
It’s not like the usual love hearts that most people get though, it’s an actual human heart!
We weren’t originally sure what to think of it but we ‘heart’ it now, do you see what we did there?
The design was apparently drawn up by British tattoo artist Liam Sparkes who is also the man responsible for Harry’s giant butterfly on his chest.
Tattoos are something which definitely divide opinions amongst us directioners but we love them and think that the boys should be allowed to get whichever tattoos they want.
After all, it’s their bodies and some tattoos can look pretty hot!
Just last week, we posted about Zayn getting the new flower tattoo on his left wrist 
It looks like Zayn’s going to be starting a new sleeve and the other boys will probably visit tattoo parlours soon too so we’re sure there’ll be more tattoo news coming very soon!

What do you think of Harry’s new human heart tattoo?


Liam Payne has once again given us a few little teasers about One Direction’s fourth album.

Last week, he revealed that their latest release was “coming out soon” and added that it was ”sounding pretty good”.
“Midnight Memories” saw a big change in style from One Direction’s first two albums “Up All Night” and “Take Me Home”, and that change is set to continue with the fourth album.
Over the weekend, Capital FM revealed a short interview they’d done with Liam at the BRIT Awards 2014, back on Wednesday night.
Liam, talking about the fourth album said: “Four years, four albums – I mean, we couldn’t ask for any more,”
“People say we don’t work hard and it’s all a game and whatever, but literally, we just wanna make good music,”
“And this album – honestly, every lad out there tonight who’s thinking One Direction are this and that and whatever else, literally, next album – pick up our album and see what you feel.”
Well, obviously we were going to be picking up that album as quick as we could anyway, but this just makes us even more excited for it!
Last week, we tried to guess what the fourth album would be called. Following the trend of previous titles, we joked: “The Morning After” or “Breakfast Beats”. So yeah, we’re not good at this – why don’t you have a guess instead?

What do you think One Direction’s fourth album will be called? Comment below!

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Harry Styles has had quite a few girlfriends.
And whenever he has a girlfriend, that is front page news for the whole length of the relationship.
So now Harry has split with latest girlfriend Kendall Jenner one betting site has started taking bets on who Harry will be with next.
Top of the list is model Daisy Lowe, followed by Cara Delevingne who has been linked with Harry in the past but announced last week that she now has a girlfriend.
As well as putting people Hazza has been linked with in the past, the list also includes ex-girlfriends Taylor Swift and Caroline Flack.
Most worryingly though, Miley Cyrus is on the list!
Please Harry, for the sake of the sanity of Directioners everywhere do not, we repeat DO NOT get with Miley please!
Other names on the list include Rita Ora, Kesha, Selena Gomez and Pixie Lott.
At the bottom of the list is 80 year old Joan Collins, clearly put in as a joke as Harry is famous for liking older women.
So here is the full list, who do you think Harry will get with next? Someone on the list, or have they forgotten someone obvious?
Daisy Lowe 2/1
Cara Delevingne 9/2
Karlie Kloss 8/1
Coco Rocha 10/1
Pixie Geldof 10/1
Miley Cyrus 12/1
Taylor Swift 16/1
Rita Ora 16/1
Kesha 16/1
Caroline Flack 20/1
Selena Gomez 20/1
Rihanna 25/1
Pixie Lott 33/1
Cheryl Cole 40/1
Geri Halliwell 50/1
Imogen Thomas 50/1
Pippa Middleton 80/1
Lady GaGa 80/1
Joan Collins 200/1


Looks like Hendall is no more…

The whole Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner dating situation has been going on for a few months now, and we’re all still a bit unsure as to what exactly has been happening.
But, it looks like it’s all over before it’s even been confirmed!
A source has recently told The Sun that they’re going their separate ways to focus on their careers. The source said: Kendall has been focusing on her modelling and Harry is preparing for work on the band’s fourth album, as well as their stadium tour.” Oh. Wow. So, that’s really that then.
But, what does this say about Harry and Kendall’s friendship? Well, according to the source, There’s been no major fallout. They’re definitely still friends and haven’t ruled anything out in the future.”
Hmph. It’s always a bit hard to believe absolutely everything that these ‘sources’ say.
However, we did get the impression that things weren’t going so smoothly last week, when Harry didn’t turn up to see Kendall walk the Topshop show at London Fashion Week.
Addressing this situation, a source told the Daily Star: Harry purposely didn’t go to the Topshop show or have his planned party at The Box so people wouldn’t speculate about him and Kendall.”
Oh, c’mon! Harry is not that naive to not realise that people are ALREADY speculating and have been for months! So why would that change anything?!
Following reports a few months back that Hazza found Kendall a bit “boring”, the Daily Star’s source added: “They got on but there wasn’t enough spark to keep it going, especially as Harry is about to go ontour for six months.”

What do you guys think? Are Harry and Kendall really over?

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Harry Styles has been putting his songwriting skills to good use again.

One Direction aside, Harry Styles has taken it upon himself to work on a new project. A source has revealed that Hazza has written a song with the very legend himself… John Legend.
The track has supposedly been penned for a spot on X Factor duet Alex and Sierra’s debut album.
Speaking of the track, one half of the duo, Sierra said: “Our favourite [song] is one that Harry Styles wrote with John Legend, it’s beautiful and lovely.
“[Harry] is actually an amazing writer, he’s pitched us a few other good ones and they’re really good.” 
Harry has also apparently written about 20 more songs on his own. What a talented guy, eh?!
Of Harry’s talents, a source said: “It’s a testament to Harry’s talents that he can work alongside John – who is, without doubt, one of the most gifted songwriters of a generation.”     
Speaking of Alex and Sierra’s upcoming album, One Direction boss Simon Cowell has revealed that the demo’s are “fantastic”, which we’re sure definitely has something to do with Harry’s lyrical skills.
Cowell took to Twitter to say: “Am listening to the Alex and Sierra demos for their upcoming album. Fantastic. It’s seriously good. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

We can’t wait to hear a bit of Hazza’s music!

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According to rumours circulating on Twitter over the weekend, Zayn has an Instagram account! EEK!

The problem is that the account’s private which means that unless he accepts our requests, we won’t actually be able to see his the photos. I know, we were gutted when we found that out too!
We’d love to see new selfies of our gorgeous Zaynster every day but we’ll just have to hope that he or someone else shares the photos on Twitter.
It’s not actually confirmed whether the Instagram actually belongs to Zayn though so we don’t know how real it is but his Instagram account is apparently ‘niazkilam’.
For those of you who didn’t realise, that’s Zain Malik backwards!
The rumours came about after new photos were apparently posted on the page including: one of Zayn showing that his ying yang tattoo hasn’t been covered up by the new tattoo on his left wrist.
If it really is Zayn then he’ll be joining some of the other One Direction boys on the photo sharing app. Their accounts are: @harrystyles@louist91@niallhoran and of course @onedirection.
Like Zayn, Liam is also rumoured to have an account but it hasn’t been confirmed.

Do you think this is Zayn’s real Instagram account?


Of course not!!

However, with this seemingly never-ending three-month long break, directioners are getting nervous about the future of the band.
The Brits were the first time the five boys had been together in several weeks!
Addressing rumors of their breakup, Harry commented: “We’re not breaking up. We’ve spent every day together for months and I forgot what my mum looked like. It’s just holidays.”
Hearing him talk like this makes all those rumors sound pretty silly. And the fact that he hadn’t seen his mom for so long breaks our hearts!
It’s true that Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn were together literally all day, every day during their 122-date Take Me Home tour. This three-month break must’ve been a good time to sit back and relax before the start of their next tour.
Speaking of which, Liam mentioned that the boys “have been writing away for the next album and rehearsals are just about to start soon for the tour.”

Eek!! How exciting!!
We bet that the Where We Are tour is going to be bigger and better than anything we’ve seen before, with all the experience the boys have had on the road.
Liam also said: “We’re not splitting up. We’re on WhatsApp messaging each other all the time, talking about song ideas and just funny stuff from our day.
“I miss the boys but if you don’t see your family you would go mad.”
Seems like we don’t have to worry about a 1D breakup for a long time.

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So Wednesday was of course The BRIT Awards and our amazing One Direction boys took home two awards.
They took the Global Success award along with Best Video, which was voted for by viewers on Twitter for the very first time.
And as with anything when it comes down to Twitter voting, Directioners stepped up and tweeted enough to get the boys the award.
But it wasn’t just One Direction that Directioners helped by tweeting, they helped the BRIT Awards become the most tweeted about non-sports event ever in Britain.
In just three hours, over four million tweets were sent smashing the previous record held by Comic Relief who had 1.5 million tweets.
The BRITs also took the record for the most tweets per minute too. During the BRITs an average of 78,976 tweets were sent per minute, compared with the X Factor’s previous record of 27,268 tweets a minute.
So seeing as One Direction won the award which was voted for on Twitter, we think the BRITs should thank Directioners for that!
For the voting alone there were over 2 million tweets to decide the winner so we definitely had a big hand in that one!

So well done Directioners! Take a bow!

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