Who wants to see One Direction’s interview with Kiss Kiss Radio?

Of course you do!

The boys were recently interviewed at the radio station in Milan, and were asked some really quite random questions. But hey, we got to find out some things about 1D that we didn’t know.
For example, which do the boys prefer out of a kebab or good old English fish & chips? A kebab, of course!
We also discovered that ‘Diana’ from Midnight Memories was actually originally called ‘Joanna’, but they changed it as it was too similar to Louis’ mum’s name. And he didn’t want to be singing about his mum now, did he?
The boys also chatted about the incident when Louis was quite violently tackled by footballer Agbonlahor, to which Louis confessed “he’s not my favourite footballer“, Liam commented “we’re going after him” and Louis added “he definitely is a dead man.” Well, we think Agbonlahor better had watch his back!
As the boys are constantly travelling around the world and working non stop, Harry said that it’s nice to have the technology of the day, so they can easily contact their family. He said: “I think we’re quite lucky that we live in this time, because if you want to see your mum you can FaceTime or video chat on your phone.” Aww! How sweet is that?
The boys spoke about how they might like to mix it up for their next tour, as Liam wants to play the drums and Louis would like to play the bass so that could be interesting. ‘Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody’ also cropped up in conversation, as Liam confessed he’d love to cover it. So, that could be a nice surprise for next year’s ‘Where We Are’ tour!
One Direction wouldn’t be where they are today without the X Factor UK although they didn’t win. And they spoke about how strange it was when they were initially put together in the group, Liam said: “It was a bit scary but it’s just one of those things that you have to go with” and confessed that they were “devastated” not to win the show.
But, they definitely did not need to win it to get the success that they have!

Check out the full interview below.

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