Ooh, here’s a treat for you!

One Direction have released an epic behind the scenes video from their tour, exclusive to Google Play.
The official One Direction Twitter account posted the video today, along with: “Here’s an EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes video from the tour on @GooglePlay – where the band also talk about their new album! It’s definitely worth a visit as you can buy Midnight Memories here too! 1DHQ x”
The video features never before seen clips of the boys on tour and back stage, and they can be heard talking about their new album ‘Midnight Memories’.
Speaking of the album, Louis Tomlinson says: “Everybody has got a memory from midnight, so it’s kinda just about being a bit reckless, being young and just having fun.
Liam Payne added: “We have written 10 songs on the album, it’s been quite difficult recording the album on the road but the best part of it is being able to just roll out of your hotel room at whatever time and then roll into the studio, which is literally just next door.
Harry Styles discusses One Direction’s more ‘mature’ sound, saying: “As we’re growing up, the musics grown up a little bit with us,” adding that it relates to the fans as they’re “growing up too“.
In the video, the boys are seen getting up to their usual crazy antics. Sometimes topless too, which is always nice.

Click here to watch the video!

Check out some of these lovely shots from the video:

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