Remember when One Direction released some exclusive clips from This Is Us?

Well, the lovely lads have released yet another one! How lucky are we, eh?

This time the video is all focused on Zayn Malik, as the other lads dish the dirt on what he’s REALLY like.
Liam Payne commented that “Zayn wears his heart on his sleeve” as Niall Horan added that he’s a“real family guy”.
Obviously, we saw this in ‘This Is Us’, as it showed just how close Zayn really is to his family and how much he loves them!
Louis Tomlinson thinks that Zayn is a bit indenial about his loving personality, as he said: “He’s got a real big heart, even though he won’t admit it”.
Awwww, are you reading this Perrie? Your fiancee is just full of love isn’t he! :)
However, the lads didn’t want to talk too much about just how lovely Zayn is, as they soon turned the focus on Zayn being a bit lazy :.).
Louis revealed that Zayn “doesn’t like to get out of bed” but, who does really?! We’re with you on that one, Zaynster!
Zayn has always been down as the one with a bit of a ‘gritty’ voice, and Louis revealed that that’s what gives One Direction the “edge“. And we LOVE it!

Check out the clip here:

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