Earlier this week, rumors started swirling that Harry Styles was considering leaving One Direction in hopes of starting a solo career.

Now, all directioners know that the five 1D boys are equally talented, but others tend to see Harry as the band’s front man, and therefore see him as the most likely to go solo.
In addition, “Don’t Let Me Go” was leaked over the summer, featuring Harry without the other 1D boys. Suspicious? No! One Direction management stated very clearly that the track was simply a demo for the band that was never released.
Harry has been seen with Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol, and was incorrectly assumed to be writing music for a potential solo album, when in fact Gary was just helping him with some new 1D songs.
A representative of the band spoke out against the ridiculous rumors, saying that the idea of Harry going solo is “complete nonsense.”

The rep continued, “the boys sometimes work up ideas separately as well as working together, as they did last year.
“The boys are all working on the new 1D album together and sometimes sessions are recorded separately.”
Although Harry never responded directly to these rumors, he indirectly mentioned the topic on Australia’s 60 Minutes back in October when he was asked where he hopes to be in ten years:
“I would hope that I will still be touring with One Direction. I love this job so much, if you need to call it a job, and I’ll be doing it until I was old and people were telling me to stop.”
Well, that definitely makes us feel better. It sounds like Harry is planning on staying in One Direction for a while.
Can you imagine 1D without Harry? Or without any of the boys for that matter?

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