One Direction's Biggest Fans? 'Anchorman 2's Stars Gush Over 1D

One Direction certainly have their superfans--but how about these unlikely guys?

Turns out the cast of Anchorman 2 are pretty smitten with Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn!

We've already seen Paul Rudd fangirling over One Direction on SNL, but now his Anchorman 2co-stars are gushing over the 1D boys.

Of course, Will Ferrell and Steve Carell stopped by Saturday Night Live for some heavenly harmonizing on "Afternoon Delight," so they've hung with the 1D guys.

Will sang the 1D guys' praises on the Anchorman 2 premiere red carpet this week, saying, "They're actually great guys. They're in that boyband world, but they have no attitude. They're actually the sweetest guys and they were so excited to sing 'Afternoon Delight' with us."

He added, "And they have beautiful hair, so I can't argue with them."

In fact, Will's character, Ron Burgundy, had a little hair envy, as Will explained, "Ron was a little jealous. He'd love it if he could get his hair to do that thing that Harry does. But that's next to impossible."

Steve Carell is firmly on Team One Direction too, saying, "They are actually incredibly sweet guys and really talented. I was impressed by them. And actually, before I left SNL, that's the last thing I said."

He revealed, "I told them all that to see young men who are so popular and successful yet so grounded and cool and's really great to see."

Aw, so much guy love here!