One Direction’s movie This Is Us certainly outlined their crazy busy schedule for all us curious directioners. It seems like they never get a break!

Well lucky for them, they’re off work until mid-March!
They wrapped up their Take Me Home tour a few months ago, and they just finished promoting their new album, Midnight Memories, right before the holiday.
A source was quoted as saying, “The lads are dead on their feet. They’re completed a huge world tour and done endless promo in between.”
But was everyone on board with this break? The source continued, “They approached management to work out a deal. Given their success, they could hardly disagree and understood entirely. It was all sorted on good terms.”

Seems like this break is appreciated by everyone on the One Direction team!
When they return to work in March, they will be starting rehearsals for their 2014 Where We Are stadium tour. The new tour includes sixty-five dates in North America, South America, and Europe.
Most of the concerts will be held in huge arenas, so although there are fewer dates for the Where We Are tour than there were for the Take Me Home and Up All Night tours, about the same amount of people will be able to see the boys perform.
All in all, the boys definitely deserve this break after such a fun but exhausting year.
Are you planning to see the boys during the Where We Are tour? 

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