Niall Horan Having Knee Surgery Soon?

Is Niall Horan having his knee surgery soon?

As you may recall, Nialler has been nursing his knee injury for quite some time, but according to a new report, is finally planning to go under the knife.

Better to get it done before One Direction's next massive tour kicks off, we suppose.

A source tells The Sun (via Metro) that Niall is coming to the U.S. next week for the surgery at a medical clinic and will be there for 10 days recovering.

The source explained, "Niall has battled this problem since he was a child. His knee dislocates and it is very uncomfortable."

The insider added, "He's had physio sessions for years but the pain persists so surgery is the best solution to have him fully fit and ready for the demands of a long tour."

Aw, get well soon, Niall!