When you’re in the biggest boyband in the world and have millions of girls chasing after you it can be difficult to have let alone keep a girlfriend for a long period of time.
But Louis has been with Eleanor Calder for over two years now and has widely been accepted by Directioners, something which isn’t easy to do.
While most fans like Eleanor there have been ones who have sent her death threats, called her ugly and even shouted abuse at her in the street.
Louis spoke to E! news about how his girlfriend copes with going out with one of the most popular boys on the planet.
He said: “I suppose it is tough to deal with…. She’s a great girl and she gets it.”
Tommo was then asked if he gets annoyed at constantly being mobbed wherever he goes.
He said: “You do get those days but you have got to look around and think about how great it is, what we are doing and how much we enjoy it.”
But hopefully the boys will have a  nice Christmas and New Year at home with their family and girlfriends as they take a few months out before the big stadium tour next year.
Talking about the Christmas break, Louis said: “Of course you do need that time to be away and see your family and see your girlfriend and that sort of thing.”

Do you like Eleanor and are you glad the boys are getting some time off over Christmas?