Harry Styles Wore a $1000 Pair of Glittery Boots on Saturday Night Live!

Back on August 1, Harry tweeted: “Think a pair of my shoes have seen their last hoorah. There is now multiple holes. I’ve been in denial for too long.
He was referring, of course, to his snazzy pair of boots that he wears in basically every picture we ever see of him.
Not to fear! Five days later, on August 6, he tweeted: “Guess who’s back, back again. Boots are back, tell a friend.”
Now that we’ve got Harry’s taste in shoes cleared up, it seems like his taste has gotten a bit more expensive.
On Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Harry was spotted wearing a $1124 pair of Saint Laurent Glitter Leather Boots. Yikes.
The shoes look very similar to his usual pairs, except they are covered in black glitter.
Perhaps Harry is just growing more fashionable as he grows more accustomed to his fame.
The SNL episode was priceless—especially the part where host Paul Rudd posed as Dan Charles, One Direction’s Number One Fan.
The character hangs out with a group of directioners—all young girls—and sticks out like a sore thumb. He spouts all sorts of obscure One Direction facts, quoting, “Did you know that Liam is afraid of spoons? Isn’t he the craziest?”
In addition, the performances of “Story of My Life” and “Through the Dark” were definitely standing-ovation-worthy.
Overall, the show was amazing, and the boys outshone even Harry’s very sparkly boots.

What do you think about his expensive shoes?

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