Where does Harry Styles get his incredible charm from?

His mother, of course!

Mr Smooth himself admitted that to E! News, after he greeted all of the staff members individually just before he sat down for an interview. How lovely is that, eh?
When asked where he gets such good manners from, he said: “My mum I guess. Yeah I think so, I have got a really good family and I have great friends around me.
“I think it’s not that hard if you can take a step back from it and see it for what it is, then you don’t start believing that this is just life.”
Awwwww! Harry is such a down to earth guy, and not many people seem to understand that!
Being a megastar, Harry gets so much attention but he revealed that he just wants to be himself and won’t let fame change him to be that obnoxious celebrity that everyone hates.
He said: “I think when you’re travelling around and you meet a load of people who are successful, you see people who aren’t every nice. When you see someone who is like that, it is so unattractive that it kind of makes you go ‘wow that’s not who I want to be at all.’”
“I never want to be the guy who leaves the room and people talk about me, the way they do about that guy when he’s left.”
“I can see how it’s easy to get carried away with it. I can see how you would start believing a load of hype.”
But, not our Harry! He’s promised to stay true to himself. Good on ya, Hazza!
When he was quizzed about being a bit of a ladies man, Hazza revealed that he usually goes for women who he meets “through friends”. 
So, anyone out there who happens to have a mutual friend with Harry, you should probably call that friend. Right now.

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