Harry Styles has revealed that the 1D boys really are like brothers, and can speak to each other about anything.

Being the gorgeous and talented bunch that they are, it’s no wonder that they get a lot of attention from the ladies.
And the boys know that girls are quite tricky to handle, and can cause them a whole lot of trouble :)
However, he admitted that between them, they dish out their expert advice on how to handle the ladies.
Speaking to Top Of The Pops magazine, Harry confessed: “Yes! You know we travel all the time together, so if someone’s having problems with a girl, they’ll come into the car and tell everyone what’s going on.
“Then we all kind of give our advice.”
Niall Horan recently revealed that he goes to Louis Tomlinson when he needs advice about women, and that the boys love a good chat about girls.
He said: “Louis is a good one to ask. He’s always good to talk to about girls and stuff.”
“I’d say we spend about 60 per cent of our time talking about girls. Do we mostly talk about girls? It depends. If someone is having girl trouble we talk about girls, but if no one is having girl trouble we sleep!”

That just sounds like a lovely jubbly One Direction sleepover talking about girls, watching chick flicks, eating ice cream and having pillow fights… are we right?

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