Well, that didn’t last long did it?

Acording to reports, Harry and Kendall Jenner’s romance could be over before it’s even started.
An insider told the Daily Star that Harry thinks the American model is the “most boring person he’s ever met” and that he’d much prefer to be with an English girl.
The insider told the paper: “Harry finds Kendall very attractive, but finds her personality practically nonexistent.”
Yikes, that’s a bit harsh.
The source continued: “The thought of spending time with her family is terrifying for him, and he has no plans to turn Kendall into his girlfriend.”
Harry has a very dry, British humor, and thinks he’d be better off with an English girl, who gets his sarcasm.”
Well, if this really IS Harry saying these things, we suppose he has a good point. But we can never really be sure with these ‘insiders’.
There’s been speculation right from the very start that Harry and Kendall’s relationship is one big publicity stunt, and also could have been set up just to benefit Kendall’s mother, Kris Jenner. S
o we’ve never really been sure what’s going on, if anything is at all but it seems certain that their ‘romance’ is fizzling out one way or another.

What do you guys reckon?

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