One Direction applied to the UK parliament to hopefully get permission to film Big Ben as part of a promotional video.

It’s not clear how the boys planned to use the clock tower—one source claimed they wanted to go inside it—but they were nevertheless turned down.
The grandson of William Churchill himself, Nicholas Soames, was the most adamant about prohibiting One Direction to film Big Ben.
A very angry source criticized Soames pretty harshly, saying, “I’m not sure he even knew who One Direction were. But he made it pretty clear that he thought it was an inappropriate idea.”
The source continued, somewhat sarcastically, “I think his view was that the House of Commons is not a playground to be used as a backdrop for the latest trendy pop group. Soames is so old-fashioned that he’s probably barely heard of the Beatles, let alone One Direction.”
Ouch. That’s hitting below the belt.
Nonetheless, we can’t really figure out why officials wouldn’t approve the band’s request. It seems to us that filming Big Ben wouldn’t hurt, and might even help with tourism.

After all, One Direction is a big symbol of England (and Ireland) to directioners across the world. It would seem that nothing negative could come of the promotional video.
However, it seems like Soames and the other officials are sticking with their decision for now. Maybe sometime in the future they will change their minds and we will see Big Ben in a 1D video.

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