Last night’s American Music Awards definitely kept everyone interested.

With Pitbull as the host, plenty of well-deserved awards, and several interesting performances, it was destined to be a memorable night.
Our very own One Direction performed the amazing “Story of My Life” toward the beginning of the show, setting it off to a wonderful start.

The boys won Best Pop/Rock Group and Best Pop/Rock Album, which is especially cool considering that these are the first two AMAs they have been nominated for.
Meanwhile, Taylor Swift won big time with her four awards—Favorite Female Artist (Pop/Rock), Favorite Female Artist (Country), Favorite Album, and Artist of the Year.
However, rumor has it that she refused to even look in Harry’s direction.
Apparently, during a commercial break, she walked with a security guard right past the 1D boys and didn’t even spare them a passing glance, although she waved to fans nearby.
Nevertheless, she was very humble in accepting her many awards, sending a special thank you to her fans.
“This validates that if you voted for this, that we are heartbroken in the same way and we fall in love the same way and we’re happy in the same way, and if you listen to this, we’re on the same page…we’re pretty much in it together.”
Well, at the very least, she stayed true to form by openly admitting her songs are based on personal experiences.

In the end, ignoring Harry was probably for the best. At least she didn’t call him out in her acceptance speech like she did at the VMAs earlier this year.

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