Simon Cowell Credits 1D for Their Success: "It's All Down to Them, Not Me"

Did you catch 1D's "Story Of My Life"performance on X Factor?

The judges sure did! While the boys performed for the audience (and everyone else watching on national TV), we had to wonder what was going through Simon Cowell's head. After all, he is the mastermind behind them.

"It's important that they came on because it reminds the contestants that not only can you do well from the show, but you don't necessarily need to win," Simon said. "Like I said to all these artists, you've got to use this time on TV to showcase who you are and to show the record company what you can be in the real world."

With 1D being the biggest boy band in the world right now, "It was a good boost for all the contestants to see them come on," said Simon. "They've progressed a huge amount in three years." Simon may have formed the boy band, but he insists, "It's all down to them, not me. It's them." Kelly Rowland acknowledged the guys' dedication. "They work hard. Never take that away from," she told us. "There's a reason why they're at the top just sailing. And no body else is competing against them--they have no competition."

Do you think anyone from this season of X Factor can gain the level of success like 1D? (The boys even have their own 1D Day on November 23!)