hen you’re in the biggest boyband of the world, what would be your biggest regret?

Not spending as much time with family?
Being so famous fans crash your nephew’s christening?
Or not finishing school?
Well for Niall it is the last one!
Of course thinking of his future if the band ever do split, Niall regrets not doing his last exams and properly finishing school with the rest of his class.
Being grilled on the red carpet as the boys arrived at the AMA’s the boys were asked what their biggest regret was.
Niall said: “I wish I’d finished school. I never got to finish my last exam.”
But we don’t think he was regretting that too much as he and the rest of the boys picked up the award for Favourite Band and also the award for Favourite Pop/Rock Album.
In his acceptance speech, Niall said: “Wow! To be here is such an honor. And to pick up two awards tonight is just incredible. And to be able to perform here as well. Thank you so again much to our fans. Literally, you mean the world to us.
“There’s no way that we would be able to do this without you. You’ve done all of this for us. Thank you!”
So there you have it! Stay in school or you will regret it like Niall!

What do you think about Niall not finishing school?