Niall Horan on Dating a Fan: "It's a Bonus"

Check out this new interview of Niall Horan on the Capital Rocks red carpet, where he talked about being open to dating a Directioner.

Be. Still. Our. Hearts.

First up, Niall confirmed that he and Harry are definitely single--with a quick "yep."

What's he looking for in his dream girl, anyway?

Well, he's waiting for the right person--and that could be a fan!

When asked if he'd ever date a fan, Niall said, "Of course, yeah...if they're a fan, it's a bonus, I guess."

And how's Niall doing these days? Jet lag is getting to him, poor guy.

Check out the rest of the interview, where he talks about the Christmas gifts he has planned for the rest of his bandmates--a razor for Harry, a coat for Louis and some hair gel for Liam.