Harry is a bit of a ladies man, right? But what does he REALLY want in a woman?
Well, we find out…
Speaking to E! News, the curly-haired heartthrob revealed that he’s pretty good at sussing potential partners out, and can work out whether they’re just after his cash or they really do want a bit of the Haz.
He admitted that the perfect woman for him would be somebody who likes his personality and company in general, not just because he’s famous.
He said: “I think you just know.”
“I think it’s one of them things where you know if you meet someone who, you know, likes you just because it’s you and not because you have stuff.”
Well, we think anybody would be silly to want Harry just because he has ‘stuff’.
In the interview, Harry also spoke about how he’s loving life right now, but his family and friends help to keep him grounded because he knows that it’s not going to last forever.
Hazza said: “I’ve got a really good family. I’ve got great friends around me.
“I think it’s not that hard, if you can take a step back from it and kind of see [fame] for what it is, then you don’t start believing in it.
“You just have to enjoy it because eventually there’s going to be a day when, you know, when nobody wants to speak to you and then you go, ‘Hey, I’m here!”
And THAT’s for all those haters out there who think fame might have changed 1D… they’re still just normal lads!
We love you Harry!

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