One Direction are dominating the UK Singles Chart!

The midweek update to the chart was revealed on Wednesday, and there are a huge seven tracks by One Direction featured.
Single “Story of My Life” originally only peaked at number four, but looks set to chart at number three this weekend!
At number ten in the midweek chart, is “Midnight Memories” album track “Don’t Forget Where You Belong”. The song is written by Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Danny Jones from band McFly, along with Niall Horan. Because of this, it’s likely a lot of McFly fans have bought the track separately from the album, meaning it could crack the top ten on Sunday!
One spot behind “Don’t Forget Where You Belong” is another album track. The midweek update shows “You & I” is at number 11!
“Strong” is the next track to appear in the chart, at number 25. A little further down is title track “Midnight Memories” at number 29.
The catchy “Diana” takes the number 34 position in the midweeks, and is followed by single “Best Song Ever” which re-enters the chart at number 36.

Will all seven songs manage to keep their places in the official chart, when it’s announced on Sunday?

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Whilst the boys have been busy trekking across the world, one member of the One Direction family has been busy back at home.
Zayn’s mum Tricia has been organising the boys charity work, and recently organised a box of goodies to be delivered to the children’s cancer ward at Dundee’s Ninewells Hospital.
The box of goodies that was sent up included toys, signed merch and dozens of VIP gig tickets which made the box of goodies worth over £20,000.
And the gifts couldn’t go to more deserving children either! Well done Mummy Malik on sorting that out.
The fundraiser from Dundee who initially got in touch with Tricia, Charlie Keane, said: “It’s amazing they’re getting involved to help desperately ill children. Last year’s box was filled with signed programmes, merchandise and tickets. The array of emotions from the children that went to the gig was unbelievable. I don’t think they’ve ever been as happy or excited.”
We’re so proud of the boys for doing this, and it just proves how lovely they really are.
But as nice as the boys are, the people we are most in awe of are those children fighting cancer.

We hope they have a lovely Christmas!

Here’s what the 1D boys were tweeting about yesterday

Here’s what the 1D boys were tweeting about yesterday…


Yesterday, the USA celebrated Thanksgiving, and Harry had a message for all the American Directioners. He tweeted: “Happy Thanksgiving Errrrrbody.”
He later added: “Not a fan of a thanksgiving yam.”


Niall tweeted: “Jet lagged again! Woke up couldn’t find my phone, spent an hour dismantling sofas and beds looking for it!”
He then posted an Instagram photo of loads of people queuing to see 5 Seconds of Summer. He wrote: “Was driving past koko yesterday at like 6pm! The queue for 5sos was like the length of the whole street, delighted for them! #5sossmashinglondon #koko”

Niall then tweeted about Thanksgiving, writing: “Happy thanksgiving everyone ! Eat loads”
Then a fan wrote: “@NiallOfficial Irish don’t celebrate thanksgiving do you?”
Niall replied: “@xocharyse no we don’t ! Kinda wish we did! Partly coz I’m hungry and it know there’s loads of food involved!”
Meanwhile, JJ Hamblett from X Factor 2012 band Union J, had his first child. Niall tweeted him saying: “@JJUJWorld congrats JJ mate!”


Liam posted a YouTube video, tweeting: “just been looking at the 1D Day best bits. Can’t believe this actually happeneddddd”


Louis also sent a message to the US, saying: “Happy thanksgiving everyone ! Have a good day !”


There were no tweets yesterday from Zayn.
Come back on Monday for our bumper weekend round-up.

Have a good weekend directioners, and enjoy listening to ‘Midnight Memories’ for the 35429th time!

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Niall Horan on Dating a Fan: "It's a Bonus"

Check out this new interview of Niall Horan on the Capital Rocks red carpet, where he talked about being open to dating a Directioner.

Be. Still. Our. Hearts.

First up, Niall confirmed that he and Harry are definitely single--with a quick "yep."

What's he looking for in his dream girl, anyway?

Well, he's waiting for the right person--and that could be a fan!

When asked if he'd ever date a fan, Niall said, "Of course, yeah...if they're a fan, it's a bonus, I guess."

And how's Niall doing these days? Jet lag is getting to him, poor guy.

Check out the rest of the interview, where he talks about the Christmas gifts he has planned for the rest of his bandmates--a razor for Harry, a coat for Louis and some hair gel for Liam.


Twenty years ago while some members of 1D weren’t even born yet, there was a band called the Backstreet Boys.
They were the biggest boyband around and had a crazy fanbase similar to the Directioners, although they didn’t really name fanbases back then.
Now, the old best boyband have congratulated the new best boyband and even called them ‘talented’.
Howie from the Backstreet boys told Cosmopolitan UK: “Where they are is very reminiscent of where we were when we first started and we’re happy for them – they’re talented.”
We like you Howie! Can you please explain to The Wanted how to be nice to a fellow boyband please!
They may be 20 years older than our boys, but the Backstreet boys have found some similaritiees between some members of the bands.
A.J. McLean said: “Nick was the Harry Styles of the group. He’s the bad boy though? He’s the one who dates celebrities and gets tattoos at 2 in the morning.”
(We have labelled Nick on the pic above for you all)
Let’s face it, he is still pretty hot!

What do you think about the comparisons between BSB and 1D?

Do you think any other members match up to our boys?

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We’ve been listening to ‘Midnight Memories’ all week, but we were also waiting for our CD copy to arrive.

Finally, the “Ultimate Edition” turned up in the mail today, and we LOVE it.
If  you don’t have a copy you’re missing out on the extremely cute booklet.
But don’t worry! We’ve taken some photos for you, featuring the hands of Sarah (Feel free to compliment her on her nails) and the shaky camerawork of myself.

We all know what the cover looks like… but what’s inside?!

So that’s a disc… and someone’s foot. What’s next?

So the first page has a photo of all the boys looking VERY happy! Apart from Zayn. Zayn’s looking cool.

Quite an average photo of Liam. Nothing special… JOKING. WE’RE DEAD.
Harry’s looking at something. In a very hot way.


Zayn staring at his own name on the other page.

Don’t cover the eyes Niall. We love the eyes!

“Best Fans Ever” – Very lucky fans too really!

Some more lucky directioners – image meeting the boys, and then having your face stuck into their album booklet! Imagine it!


Some adorable pictures for songs “Right Now” and “You & I”.

It’s a handwritten note from Liam! “Well this has been a crazy year…” It has Liam. It really has.

Another note, this time from Harry!

Louis ends his note with “Here is a rubbish drawing.” He drew himself! But you can’t see it because Sarah left her finger in the way.

There we go, we can see it now!

While everyone else wrote out messages, Zayn did this awesome bit of art!

Niall dedicates his written message to his Crazy Mofos.

We’re coming to the end of the booklet!

Two big pages of credits! Recognise any names?

Time for the thank you messages to everyone who worked with the band.

And finally, it’s the track listing which we’ve already memorised.

What do you think of all those photos? Cute booklet, eh?

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Are 1D Breaking Up?

One Direction Breaking Up, Solo Careers: Simon Cowell's Prediction

One Direction heading for a breakup and solo careers?

Simon Cowell thinks so!

In a new interview with Billboardmagazine, Simon predicts, "Eventually they probably will split and up and maybe want to have their own careers."

He added, "The choice is theirs, and we've got the opportunity to do both. But from what I hear, they're really enjoying what they're doing and we don't feel there's anything seriously wrong here. They're getting more time off and I hope they stay a band for a long time."

It doesn't sound like a split is in the near future, however, as Liam noted, "We just love what we're doing right now. We've got no intention to change that."

In a recent Australian interview, Louis Tomlinson commented on One Direction staying together for quite awhile, saying, "We're having a great time."

He did have a prediction for their breakup date, joking, "It's gonna be on the 31st of March, 2072 on Mars."


Way back in 2010 when One Direction were on the X Factor, Zayn of course dated Rebecca Ferguson.
And after years of being quiet on the subject, Rebecca has chosen now, after Zayn proposed to Perrie and is incredibly happy so speak out about their relationship.
Talking about it, Rebecca said: “That was my first mistake. I was 23, he was 18. Of course, if it was a 23-year-old guy dating an 18-year-old girl, no one would have batted an eyelid, but this way around was a big deal, apparently.
“I didn’t realise that. I was just a hippy, free-loving person, but that’s not a good thing to be in this industry. You can’t just follow your heart.”
Well if we’re honest we prefer Zayn with Perrie not Rebecca, Zecca just doesn’t have the same ring to it.
Even though Rebecca thinks it’s easy to ‘hate your ex’ she seems to be quite happy with Zayn’s new choice of finance.

She said: “I do, I love Little Mix I think they’re a brilliant band I was just talking about them before I think they’re a brilliant band their songs are brilliant.
“I think it’s nice to wish people well, I think it’s easy to hate your ex but actually it’s nice to just say you know what, good luck to you.”

Do you think Rebecca dating Zayn was a mistake?


So, Niall fancies Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles went on a date with her. Awkward.

Earlier this month, Harry Styles was seen taking Kendall Jenner on a dinner date but we’re not really sure what’s going on with them.
Anyway, Niall Horan has now confessed that he still has a crush on the hot model. Yikes.
In a recent interview, Niall, Zayn and Louis were asked about their top celebrity crush. Louis confessed that his Natalie Portman, Zayn’s is his fiance Perrie Edwards *aww* and Niall’s is Kendall Jenner.
It’s a shame that Harry wasn’t asked the same question with them, as that could’ve been very entertaining. We can’t blame Niall for having a crush on Kendall though, she is unbelievably gorgeous.
However, this isn’t the first we’ve heard of it as he confessed his crush back in August, saying: “she’s so cute and I’m a sucker for nice eyes”.
Anyway, it could all be perfectly fine as we found out yesterday that Harry and Kendall’s date could’ve just been a publicity stunt, so maybe Harry isn’t interested in Kendall at all. This definitely makes it OK for Niall and Kendall to get together now then!
What do you guys think?
Niall and Kendall? Yay or nay?

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Liam Payne Responds to The Kooks' Frontman Dissing One Direction

Luke Pritchard of The Kooks recently dissed One Direction in a ranty series of drunken comments on Twitter--and Liam Payne is firing back back.

Bottom line: don't drink and tweet, y'all.

Luke has since deleted the messages posted on November 25, where he slammed One Direction, their fans--and his own band's fans.

Not cool.

Liam tweeted about the ranty diss sesh, writing: "Sad thing is @lukekook we are/where fans of your band, nice one man verbally attacking your own fans how very rock and roll of you ;)"

Luke kicked things off by responding to an article about 1D Day and their album release party, writing, "5 Little Things We Learned From One Direction's iHeartRadio Album Release Party...stop this malfunction. world realign please. artists dying."

A fan fired back, saying she was both a One Direction and The Kooks fan, to which he responded: "do not like what I do. i'd rather anyone who likes one direction never follow me. you literally have no idea who upset i am."

When a fan asked what he had against 1D and their fans, he said, "everything. how can you be a fan of something that has no life. i honestly feel so depressed that you are into kooks."

He later admitted he was drunk tweeting, "hahah i'm so drunk. fuck it. I'm looking at what is there, seriously!! is that what we have. please buy real music... rant in emin over."

Sure, blame it on the alcohol.


What’s going on with Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner?

We all heard about Harry Styles romantic dinner date with model Kendall Jenner earlier this month, but what was it really all about?
The pair were spotted leaving Craigs Restaurant in Hollywood, where Harry was seen driving Kendall home.
According to insiders, the pair were initially put together by their ‘people’, in order to drum up some publicity and literally just get people talking about them.
The insiders said: “They were originally put together on dates to get him in the news for album selling purposes, and to make Kendall get some news as well,”
We hear a lot about celebrities pulling publicity stunts in order to rack up the news headlines, but this really doesn’t seem like something Harry would do. And do One Direction really need to pull something like this to get people to buy their album? We don’t think so!
However, the insiders also revealed that the pair DID gain something from the forced date, as they seem to have enjoyed each others company so much that they are now friends.
The insiders continued: “But they actually became friendly from it!”
What do you reckon? Publicity stunt or do Harry and Kendall genuinely like each other?

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There is nothing we like more than waking up in a morning to One Direction on our TV screens.
And while we didn’t quite get to do that yesterday as we’re in the UK, the lucky US fans were able to wake up to the boys as they performed on Good Morning America.
Not only did they perform, but they announced the news that every Directioner in North America has been waiting for since the boys announced their ‘Where We Are’ stadium tour earlier this year.
They announced some American tour dates, and not just a couple, TWENTY!
The boys will start the North American leg of the tour in Toronto on August 1st they will then end in Miami, Florida at the Sun Life Stadium on October 5th.
The rest of the dates are all listed on our tour dates page 
After the news the boys then treated the fans to a couple of performances.
First, Best Song Ever:
Then Story Of My Life:
They took it back to the start with What Makes You Beautiful
Before ending with Kiss You:
So incase you missed the actual moment the new dates were announced here it is:

Are you excited for this announcement? Will you be getting tickets for any of the dates?

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Harry is a bit of a ladies man, right? But what does he REALLY want in a woman?
Well, we find out…
Speaking to E! News, the curly-haired heartthrob revealed that he’s pretty good at sussing potential partners out, and can work out whether they’re just after his cash or they really do want a bit of the Haz.
He admitted that the perfect woman for him would be somebody who likes his personality and company in general, not just because he’s famous.
He said: “I think you just know.”
“I think it’s one of them things where you know if you meet someone who, you know, likes you just because it’s you and not because you have stuff.”
Well, we think anybody would be silly to want Harry just because he has ‘stuff’.
In the interview, Harry also spoke about how he’s loving life right now, but his family and friends help to keep him grounded because he knows that it’s not going to last forever.
Hazza said: “I’ve got a really good family. I’ve got great friends around me.
“I think it’s not that hard, if you can take a step back from it and kind of see [fame] for what it is, then you don’t start believing in it.
“You just have to enjoy it because eventually there’s going to be a day when, you know, when nobody wants to speak to you and then you go, ‘Hey, I’m here!”
And THAT’s for all those haters out there who think fame might have changed 1D… they’re still just normal lads!
We love you Harry!

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    It is a question that everyone wants to know the answer to.
    Just who is the most popular member of One Direction.
    When they first started out it seemed that Harry was the favourite amongst fans. With his curly hair and charming good looks he won the hearts of the world.
    He is probably the most well known of the band too after dating Taylor Swift and Caroline Flack.
    But Zayn is engaged to Perrie now, Niall just looks stunning these days and Liam and Louis can actually grow facial hair and look rather hot with it too.
    So, Entertainmentwise decided to try and find a definitive answer to the question.
    And their winner after a week of votes was NIALL.
    He won the vote with almost 33% of the vote, with Louis just behind in second place with nearly 29%.
    Hazza was in third with 18.5% of the vote, Zayn in fourth with 13% and poor Liam in last place with just 7.4% of the overall vote.
    Poor Liam!
    But well done Niall! He was cute when he was first in the band but over the past year he has just turned incredibly hot.

    Do you agree with the Entertainmentwise poll? Is Niall your favourite?


    Louis Tomlinson isn’t happy.

    He’s so unhappy in fact, that he used the F word!

    Being Directioners, you guys will know about the whole ‘Larry Stylinson’ thing, and quite possibly believe it yourselves.
    However, we all know that Louis Tomlinson doesn’t like the term, as he’s previously slammed it as being “bullsh*t”.
    Louis Tomlinson has now gone all out, as far as saying that it completely and utterly gets on his wits.
    As the boys were asked in an interview about conspiracy theories surrounding them online, Zayn Malik said: “We’ve all dwelt on some conspiracy theory at some point. Thought something was real.”
    To which Louis Tomlinson added: ”The psychology behind the theories are very interesting,”.
    Now, Louis might sound all interested about it now, but when the topic moves on to Larry Stylinson, he completely flips.
    Speaking about the Harry and Louis luuuurve rumours, Louis said: ”That’s a f***ing annoyance,”
    “I wouldn’t say it was impressive.” he added ”I’d say it was f***ing annoying.”
    Well, that’s us well and truly TOLD.
    Even if they won’t be Larry Stylinson, we’re sure that Louis and Harry love each other in their own special way.
    So, what do you guys reckon? Even after all this, are you STILL rooting for a Harry and Louis romance?

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