Niall Horan Confirms He Won't Be in 1D When He's 60, Blames "Bad Knees"

Niall Horan doesn't plan on being in One Direction forever. Hold the presses! What?

During a press conference to promote their new 3D film, This Is Us, the guys addressed their future as a group and responded to the questions that loom over every pop mega group--will they ever break up and will some members have solo careers?

Harry Styles tackled this one by saying, "As soon as you're in a band, where the history of bands is that sometimes people do leave and sometimes things happen like that [with people asking and thinking about when are they going to split up]." He added, "We are far too busy, first of all. We don't have time to go off and do extra stuff."

Niall jokingly countered Harry by saying, "Except for me. I am doing a rap album." Harry ran with Niall's joke, saying, "Niall is doing a Christian rap album at the end of the year." Niall added, "With the Game. The Game will be collaborating with me."

All kidding aside, Harry, who has said he hopes to continue performing until he is old like Keith Richards, said, "I think we are very happy with what we are doing and we are excited we have a tour coming up next year too. So we want to focus on that, and we are still loving it."

But Niall quipped just the opposite, "[I've] got really bad knees, so I don't think I'm going to be running around stage at 60 years old. I am afraid, I will be telling you that right now. Confirm I won't be in One Direction at 60 years old and that's it far as my career goes."

Harry shot back saying, "But you can crawl, though."

Niall had to admit, "I can crawl just fine, yeah."