Zayn And Perrie, The Most Perfect Celebrity Couple In The World

Are Zerrie too perfect for words? Are they really?

 Well, yeah we think they probably are… but we thought we’d have a good look at them anyway and see if they really are together forever.
It seems the cute pair make the headlines quite a bit, being that they’re both members of two of the biggest bands around, they’re bound to attract attention.
Perhaps more recently, when Zayn got a pic of his sweetheart tattoo’d on his bicep just last week.
So, this got us thinking, does this mean they really are for keeps, or was Zayn ridiculously stupid for getting a girl permanently inked on him at such a young age?
Well, they’re definitely all loved up as it stands right now, so it’s looking promising.
The pair have been together just over a year now, and that makes them the most successful One Direction relationship to date.
The lovers are all about spending quality time together, going for romantic getaways and having a bit of family bonding.
They spend as much time as possible together, but with their hectic schedules it’s not so easy.
Perrie tries her best to attend all of 1D’s concerts, and even accompanies him to some of his tattoo sessions to hold his hand.
We’re forever being bombarded with insanely cute pictures of them and hearing them praise each other, such as:“Zayn is so lovely. You know things are good when you can’t wait to see the other person.”
Perrie does seem to have a way with words and isn’t afraid to express her feelings. She loves him and she more than showed him with a public message on his Birthday:“Happy Birthday my beautiful babe, I love you Zayn. XXXXX 20 came fast! Love you love you love you XxXxXxXx Pez.”
Awww! How cute is that?!
As if it couldn’t get any more perfect, forever the romantic Zayn even treated his gorgeous girl to a trip to Paris in April to celebrate their anniversary!
In fact, Perrie has once admitted that she isn’t very romantic when it comes to that sort of stuff, and Zayn’s the cutie.
But, it was revealed by band member Jesy that Perrie once made her beau a cute collage of them both as a present for him.
This was perhaps one of her most romantic gifts, which she didn’t really want everyone to hear about. Oops ;)
However, they’re not without their problems, as it was only recently that Zayn was accused of cheating on the Little Mix beauty with an Australian waitress.
However, we were glad to see that Zayn denied the rumours and Perrie forgot all about it.
We think it’s just one of those things, you always get people trying to ruin other people’s happiness.
How much do you think it would take to truly break Zerrie up?
We think it would take a hell of a lot, as they’re stronger than ever right now!