As you know, One Direction have launched an anti-bullying campaign with Office Depot.

Now, the boys have released videos of themselves expressing their own indivivual thoughts on bullying.
The boys take the subject very seriously and they’re trying their hardest to raise awareness of bullying and help deal with it.
Speaking about bullying, Harry said:  “I think bullying is such a huge problem that I think so many people just overlook because it’s kind of always been there and it’s always been an underlying thing.”
“It’s almost like now the bullies aren’t going to say that there’s something happening and then so many of the people being bullied are scared to say that they’re being bullied. Even in terms of school they don’t want to say that they have a bullying problem, so it’s all kind of like a cover up.”
Harry seems very passionate about bullying, and the other boys are not much different either.
Louis said: “I think in a way bullying might be easier with the likes of social networking. You will get some kids that get bullied that are a bit more feisty and brave and they can stand up for themselves, whereas other people are quite timid and are less confident.”
And Zayn discussed how hard it is to speak up about it and actually address the issue in the first place: “There are always little things that you see and you felt like….. when you were in school and stuff…. that you maybe should have done something about it or said something about it but it can be quite difficult because you’re in your social groups….It is quite upsetting to see.”
Liam speaks about how bullying can go too far, and plucking up the courage to do something about it. Niall discusses how he can understand how these victims feel, being that he’s still young and he knows what goes on in schools these days.
Here’s the boys’ individual thoughts on bullying.