Those of you who are fans of movie trailers will be pleased to know that One Direction debuted at number one of the Trailer chart this week in the US.

With 6.8 million viewers, “This Is Us” topped it easily over “Despicable Me 2”, which interested just over 4 million people.
The film will debut in just under 2 months, when it premieres on the 30th of August.
It also topped the chart in its first week, beating the likes of Fast & Furious 6, Man of Steel, World War Z and The Hunger Games:Catching Fire.

Of course part of the attraction of watching this trailer, is being able to hear a snippet of One Direction’s new tune – “Best Song Ever”.
It is quite an optimistic title, but from what we have heard it is going to be a summer smash. Yesterday we brought the news that some more lyrics from the song had been leaked, and Simon Cowell has also promised that the song will have an amazing video to accompany it too.
We wouldn’t expect anything less from One Direction videos, they are amongst the most loved and most watched around.

After a lower budget video last time, we reckon there might be a bigger budget on the video this time around. Maybe including some concert footage as well?
It will be interesting to note that by the time One Direction head to Australia and New Zealand, they will probably be including “Best Song Ever” in their set. So that is very lucky for Aussie and Kiwi Directioners – we know you are out there!
Is anyone thinking about going to see the movie on the first day, like as soon as it comes out?
We know we are!

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