One Direction are “annoying and rude” to work with says Rosie Hungtington-Whiteley.

The 1D boys teamed together with model/actress Rosie for US Glamour’s August cover shoot.
According to Rosie, the boys were a “complete nightmare to work with”, she joked.
She said:  “I’ve been shooting with One Direction all morning, they’ve been a complete nightmare. So annoying and rude. I’m only joking. They’re so sweet. Very nice to meet them, I’m going to the concert tonight – I’m very excited.”
Rosie wasn’t the only one to be throwing the compliments about her, as Harry Styles praised her as “lovely, really cool”.
Poor Liam Payne seemed a bit intimidated by her beauty, admitting that he’s shy around girls.
He confessed:“I’m not the best at talking to women. When you’re with someone like Rosie, it’s a bit more difficult.
“I was like, I don’t really know what to say, so I’m just gonna kind of stand here and try to be cool.”
In the interview, the boys spoke about how they have to be themselves, and there’s no way they would fake who they are or try to be perfect.
Harry Styles said: “The thing is, when you’re playing a part, eventually it goes wrong.
“Eventually someone’s going to see that that’s not who you are. So it’s best to be yourself from the get-go.”
Keeping it real boys, keeping it real!

Despite them constantly being mobbed by fangirls, they’ve admitted that it always comes as a surprise and they’re not quite used to it.
Liam said: ”I don’t think it’s ever something we’ll get fully used to.
We kind of try to stay under the radar and not tweet where we are. Yesterday me and Niall went out shopping in Amsterdam.
“And literally every single shop we went into, they had to close the shop because there were so many people outside. Some girl tried to pull my hair out. It’s quite mad.”
Someone tried to pull his hair out?! Jees. They’re not Directioners. They’re monsters.
The boys were also quizzed about their dancing skills, or their non-existent ones maybe.
Self-confessed poor dancer Zayn Malik said: “We didn’t want to just follow the boy-band formula.
“We didn’t want to do any dancing. We just wanted to be five dudes in a band.”
And that’s just how we like it!
Seriously guys, just how HOT do the boys look on their cover shoot though?
Rosie H-W is one lucky girl!