Starcount have declared One Direction as the biggest UK band ever!

Startcount make lists of the most popular people on the planet, based on social media data.
Last week, they were declared the current most popular people on Earth, after gaining 1.4 million new followers on their social accounts.
They’ve now surpassed the 200 million starscore mark, meaning they are the most popular UK band ever!
They are more popular than the Spice Girls, Take That and Boyzone ever were. Also, they’re more popular than current rivals The Wanted!
So let’s get this trending in One Direction’s honour – #BiggerThanTheWanted
One Direction are only going to get bigger and bigger – new single “Best Song Ever” is released on 22nd July, whilst move “This Is Us” is out later this year. Their third studio album is also set for release this year, and they then go on their biggest ever tour – the “Where We Are” tour – in 2014!

Well done One Direction! #BiggerThanTheWanted