Louis Tomlinson Flips Off Fans in Pic: What Happened?

Louis Tomlinson flipped off fans recently, as a pic captured his middle finger salute in Montreal.

What happened?

As usual, a mob of fans gathered to see Louis, who was shopping with girlfriendEleanor Calder.

Reports are mixed about whether Louis was flipping off fans or the paparazzi, but it was clearly meant for someone.

We've heard that a fan was insulting Eleanor and the middle finger was intended for that person and not the other Directioners there.

Eleanor was on the receiving end of some rude comments, with one person reportedly yelling out "Beard!" about Eleanor, hinting that she's not Louis' real girlfriend at all.

While we're not clear on what exactly happened to provoke Louis, it must have been something insulting enough to get that response.

Judging from this video, you can see Louis and El out together, with a fan following very closely behind them.

Maybe Louis and Eleanor were just hoping for a little bit more private time together.