We love One Direction and we love Johnny Depp, so it was like our dreams had come true when the band were invited to perform at Mr Depp’s house last year.
The treat was for his daughter Lily Rose who is a huge fan of the boys, and why wouldn’t she be?
This week, Johnny was interviewed on american chat show Jimmy Kimmel about what it was like to have our five favorite boys in his house.
He said: My daughter, she’s a great fan of One Direction, and she asked if she could go to see them on the Ellen show. So I hooked it up,” before adding “You seem somewhat jealous. You seem freaked out.”
Erm yep Johnny, we’d be a bit jealous too, we can’t all afford to hire 1D to come and perform at our houses….just imagine if we could though!!
Anyway while the boys were at the Pirates of the Caribbean stars house, they did a bit of a jam sesh, with Johnny accompanying them on piano becoming their 6th member.
OMG! One Direction featuring Johnny Depp! We can’t think of anything more perfect!

What do you think? How much would you pay to have 1D perform at your house?