Harry Styles and Kara Rose Marshall Dating? Kara Spotted Wearing Harry's Shirt?

Are Harry Styles and Kara Rose Marshalldating?

Harry was spotted hanging out with the mystery blonde while in NYC--and of course, now dating rumors are swirling.

Most fans believe that Harry is just friends (yes, that can happen) with Kara, a model (of course) who is friends with Lou Teasdale, the One Direction hairstylist and a close pal of Hazza's.

Things really started to heat up when Kara was seen wearing Harry's The Who shirt.

Here's the thing--Harry shares clothes with everyone, so that doesn't mean much.

Harry and Kara were seen together at a NYC Apple Store and atop a roof party over the weekend.

Kara retweeted a status from a friend: "Up on the roof @KaraRoseM @tessbrokaw cc @louteasdale @harrystiles"

Kara also tweeted recently about filming a music video--could it be for 1D's "Best Song Ever?"

Do you think Harry is dating Kara? Or are they just friends?