Well well well, has somebody been working out? Looks like Niall’s been hitting the gym HARD!

In these brand new pics of hottie Niall Horan, he somehow seems to have gotten even hotter since we last saw him!
We’ve heard that the 1D boys have been put on a gruelling workout schedule, and seem to be taking it very serious.
It looks like it’s more than paying off for Niall, all those gym sessions and healthy eating, as he flexed his newly toned bod.
After a mammoth run of concerts in the USA, the boys finally got a night off.
Niall decided to spend his day relaxing in NYC, followed by a night on the tiles.
And obviously, wherever 1D are so are a mass of screaming girls and paparazzi, which is why we have these great shots of the blonde-haired heartthrob.
Nialler rocked the ‘chilled’ look on his night out, sporting a low-cut white vest, open-buttoned denim shirt and a pair of skinny jeans teamed with some white Nike Blazers.
VERY hot, indeed!

To help them get the bods that they were after, the boys brought in mixed martial artists Mark Jarvid and Jimmy Wallhead earlier this year, to help them shape up.
A source told The Sun: ‘It’s important the lads are in the best possible shape for these dates,’
‘Bosses don’t want half-measures. The boys spend a lot of time travelling and there can be a tendency to eat junk food and play a lot of video games.
‘Harry has really bulked up his arms, and Liam has a sturdy set of abs. Niall, Louis and Zayn have been working out with separate trainers and they’re getting into it, too.’
Well, thank you Mark and Jimmy, the boys are looking goooooooood!
Especially Niall of course ;)