Here’s what the 1D boys were tweeting about yesterday…

Liam said: “Hellooo beautiful peopleeee :) ”
“Cant wait for you all to see the movie ! Its gonna be wickeddd :) exciteddddd”
Niall posted: “Tonight was unbelievable ! Boston thanks soo much!”
“congratulations to my cousin Haley! Just had a baby girl ciara ! delighted !”
“Right bed time! goin studio tomorrow! We got new tunes comin!”
Harry meanwhile posted an Instagram photo: “Just found this from Barcelona.. Cool cathedral.”

His next tweet said: “On Worlds Wildest Police Videos, a man won’t stop cause he wants to stop off at home to see his mum before he goes to jail. That’s Sweet no?”
“But the commentary of the Helicopter men is hilarious.”
He then posted another Instagram photo, captioned: “Went swimming yesterday before the show in Boston. In a lake, in Boston”

His final three tweets said: “As of this morning, ‘Marimba’ will never again be my alarm tone.”
“Good luck for today maaaaate! @laurarobson5″
“Let’s play Pirate peeves!”
Come back on Monday to see the boys tweets from today, Saturday and Sunday.

Have a great weekend directioners!