Who wants to see Niall Horan get SOAKED?

Nialler is the latest famous face to get drenched with a bucket of ice water and wow, it’s BRILLIANT.
In case you haven’t heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that’s exploded all over the internet, it’s basically just people filming themselves getting a bucket of water poured over their head. Everyone from Kylie Jenner to Taylor Swift have taken part in the crazy challenge.
But, it’s all for a good cause as so far it’s helped to raise millions towards fighting the neurodegenerative illness ALS.
Being the charitable guy that he is, Nialler decided to take part in the freezing cold challenge after being nominated by Pear Jam’s Eddie Vader and Brazillian footballer Neymar.
In the video, Niallewr stands in a huge shower room dressed in a pair of blue shorts and a white sleeveless t-shirt.
Yep, you know what’s coming here… if you remember Harry’s wet t-shirt heaven last week, then you’re gonna LOVE this.

Before soaking himself, he named his three celebrity nominations – Novak Djokovic, John Terry and of course, Louis Tomlinson! Oh, we cannot wait for that one. He then went on to pour a bucket of ice water over his head.
Nialler wins points for the most hilarious reaction to the challenge we’ve seen so far, and we’re pretty sure that he literally turned into The Hulk for a whole moment, too.

And now, here’s the video…

 Are you excited to see Louis’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?


There are two beautiful Brit hunks on the heartthrob horizon, who are beginning to look suspiciously alike these days.

The pair are popstar Liam Payne, of One Direction, and football (call it “soccer,” for all you Yanks out there) superstar David Beckham.
And the couple of cuties came under the radar of pop entertainment website Entertainmentwise this week, who noted the similarities that are suddenly popping up, ‘tween Liam n’ David’s looks.
Such as?

Well, for beginners, there’s the fact that Liam and Niall Horan split from the “Where We Are” world tour to London this week, where they joined Beckham’s H & M Swimwear Launch party, hitting the huge after-party afterward as well.
“And despite there being a whole host of celebs at the bash,” reported Entertainmentwise, “our eyes were focused on Liam, and the fact that he’s MORPHING into Becks himself!”
The website notes, for instance, that Liam has been bulking up his boy-band body with tons more exercise, “hitting the gym” and “looking buff.”
Secondly, the Paynster’s fans may have noticed Liam’s been sporting a face full of fuzzy nubs, as a partial beard has begun to sprout across his hunky cheeks.
But it’s not just the hair on Liam’s face that’s changed. He’s also commenced styling the hair atop his beautiful head, in a swept-back way that’s pretty reminiscent and spookilsimilar to Beckham’s style.
Similar enough, do you Directioners think?
Has Liam begun copping his new looks from the famous football star?

Or is Liam leading the way, and in need of no styling tips from nobody, nowhere?


One Chance to Dance – it’s a pretty catchy name huh?

Well apparently it’s a new One Direction song that’s been leaked, and is currently doing the rounds on the internet
The song in question is supposedly the track that Zayn has been co-writing with producer Naughty Boy, and if it’s true it could mark the start of a drastic new sound for the lads.
Listen and let us know what you think…
Listening with an open mind, it doesn’t actually sound much like Zayn or indeed any other of the boys, but we don’t know how much production has gone into the song. It could well be that it is Zayn’s voice we’re listening to – with a lot of effects added and maybe some autotune (not that he needs it!).
The lyrics we’ve wrote down from the track appear to be:
Gimme one more, one more chance with you.
And we’ll make all our dreams come true.
Gimme one more, gimme one more dance,
gimme one more chance, chance with you.
It could be an early demo, it could be a smaller part of a song, or it could be an absolute fake.

It’s certainly exciting though – only last week we brought you the news that a new 1D song could be hitting the airwaves as early as next month, and 1D’s fourth album is now only months away from it’s release.

What do you think?


Turns out this isn’t a real leaked song – as somebody has found the original. It’s called One More Dance, but it’s by Frankie Le’Troy not One Direction. Ahh, it’s a pretty cool track though!


Everyone knows that Liam Payne is the workout-junkie of One Direction.

While all the boys are in tip-top shape, Liam in particular has been known to be obsessed with the gym. And boy, does it pay off. Those abs of steel are hard to beat…
That being said, it’s safe to say that we’ve seen quite a few pics of Liam shirtless. After all, if he’s got the body, why not flaunt it?!
However, he has always been pretty modest and down to earth. And the occasional Twitter fight (and a dangerous stunt on the ledge of a balcony) aside, he’s always flown pretty under the radar.
Well, as under the radar as a world famous pop star can be…
But on Sunday, Liam posted something that shocked the Twitter world and altered his image a bit.
He posted a naked photo of himself on a boat along with the caption, “Damn that was my last pair!”

Oh Liam, always the joker. We’re only left to assume that he is referring to his boxers, which have clearly gone missing…
He pixilated the picture before posting it, leaving our imaginations running wild.
However, he then broke our hearts and posted another picture, revealing that he definitely wasn’t naked.
Following on from his original comment, he wrote: “Oh I found them never mind aha”

Oh well, a picture of Liam Payne not wearing much is still a treat for us all!


Oh my god. Harry Styles is in a relationship.

He’s taken. Off the market. Completely loved up. No more single Harry.

Literally crying.
We heard earlier this month how Harry was spotted out with gorgeous model Paige Reifler in London, reportedly getting a bit “flirty”, but we never saw this one coming.
Being the good looking guy he is, Harry has been linked to many gorgeous women in the past, but it’s usually just one bad rumour after the other.
This time though, it’s all looking pretty real between Harry and Paige.

After their cosy night out together, Paige has opened up about her relationship with Harry – and confirmed that they’re seeing each other!
Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt?!
The 18-year-old model told The Mirror:
I went to party at Shoreditch House with a friend and saw him there. The next morning I woke up and I was in all of the newspapers and magazines I wasn’t expecting it, it’s not like that in New York.
Well, that’s what happens when you’re rubbing shoulders with the hottest guy in the world – everyone’s talking about it!
And it looks like this could be an all too familiar scene for Paige Reifler now, after confirming that her and Harry have definitely got something going on!
She told The Mirror the news that crushed millions of hearts around the world:
Yes, I am seeing him.
The news that every Directioner does NOT want to hear. So, thanks for that.

We don’t think we can handle this news, can you?