Here’s what the 1D boys were tweeting about yesterday…


Yesterday marked four years of One Direction being together, and Harry celebrated with a couple of tweet.
He said: “4 years. Thank you to everyone who is involved in this. I feel so lucky to be part of it. Everyone who has worked with us thank you..”
He added: “Thank you to all of you who have supported us. We couldn’t ask for better fans, you are absolutely the best ever. We love you so much .xx”


Niall also tweeted about the band’s fourth year together, saying: “Wow ! Can’t believe it! 4 years ago today we were out together ! Crazy how time flies but it also feels like it was years and years ago !”
“I can honestly say, thank you all so much, every one of you, from all over the world! Your support is absolutely incredible.”
“What you have done for us baffles my mind ever day! really appreciate everything ! Thank you , love you! Let’s have more fun now #4YearsOf1D”
He then posted a photo and said: “Thank you lads ,we’ve had a great time so far, you are family to me now , not just band mates ! Love you”

He later wrote: “This time 4 years ago  , we were standing backstage , talking about what we were gona call the band, how we were gona dress Hahahahah!”
“how naive ! Hahahaha! What an incredible experience this has been so far! Thank you everyone”
He then posted another photo, and said: “Haha found this on my phone! From the midnight memories video shoot, it was freezing , think Harry was in the toilet”


Also tweeting about the band’s fourth birthday, Liam said: “Happy four years everyone can’t believe it’s been that long thank you so much everybody crazy how things have turned out I love you”
He then posted a picture of himself and added: “Some things haven’t changed though I’m still great at spilling things down my shirt”


Louis posted a VERY cute photo yesterday, and said: “Me and the little lad :)”

He then went on to write about the band’s four years together, saying: “4 years !! It’s so cliche to say but it simply would not have been possible without every single one of our fans ! You have been incredible!”
“I hope you all look back on the last 4 years and are proud for what YOU have achieved ! We’re in this together ! Loaaaaaads of love !!!!!!!”


Unfortunately, Zayn didn’t tweet yesterday!

Come back tomorrow to see what the boys were tweeting about today!


The boys have been hard at work on their ‘Where We Are’ tour for the last few months, but it looks as though we could see an announcement about their new single very soon!
Back in April, One Direction released their most recent single You & I which reached a peak of number 19 on the UK chart.
There have already been details released about a song Ryan Tedder wrote for the boys, as well as a track which McBusted wrote with them which is so good that they want to release it themselves.
But the track which is most interesting is the one written by Naughty Boy where Zayn apparently raps on it.
We sent one of our “moles” out digging for some facts, and managed to squeeze the following goss out of someone close to the band.
They revealed to us: “The boys are trying to move away from the typical pop music of their first two albums. Midnight Memories was already lot rockier and they want to keep trying new things with all their future stuff.
The next single will no doubt shock a lot of people as it is not what you would expect from One Direction, but they think everyone will love it.
Ooooh, well Zayn rapping is not what most people would expect so is that a hint that it’s the track written by Naughty Boy?
They also told us: “The song is set to be released shortly after the boys have finished the ‘Where We Are’ tour, although they are trying to find a way to fit the new single into the setlist for the final few dates of the tour.”
Those of you going to the last few dates of the tour could be in for a treat if that really is true then!
So by our reckoning, the tour finishes on October 5th, meaning the single might be released mid-October. This means we should be hearing the first previews of the song in early September if the previous singles are anything to go by.
Ooooh exciting times!

Which single do you think the boys will be releasing next based on that information? We think it could well be the Naughty Boy one!


What’s your ultimate One Direction dream?

Whatever it is, i’m sure we can all agree that showering with Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn is up there on the list of things we need to do before the end. Right?
Well, for some lucky people, that dream appears to have come true. We’re assuming that they’ve dreamt about it anyway.
It is of course McBusted that we’re referring to, as they’ve spoke about their time on tour with One Direction.
Looks like Matt, James, Dougie, Danny, Harry and Tom got a little too close to One Direction while they were supporting them on their ‘Where We Are Tour’.
Speaking on Good Morning Britain about their new bromance with the 1D boys, Matt Willis joked:
I think Niall [Horan] was a bit fascinated about how we’re all in the same dressing room. How we’d fit!
Sounds like space was a little tight on the 1D tour, and the budget clearly couldn’t stretch to separate dressing rooms. Matt added:
We don’t have individual rooms or individual riders. We arrive together, we leave together, we change together, we shower together.
Woah! Sounds like things get a little hot and steamy backstage on the One Direction tour!
We’re not entirely sure if One Direction actually get in on this action, or if Matt was actually just referring to the McBusted boys – but we’ll just pretend.

We wonder if 5SOS get this kind of treatment?


What do we think about Zayn Malik?

He’s pretty awesome, right? Scrap that, he’s INCREDIBLY awesome!

We love Zayn Malik, and we know someone else who loves him… his fiancée Perrie Edwards.
However, they might be engaged and planning the rest of their lives together, but what does Perrie Edwards REALLY think about the One Direction heartthrob?
“He’s…average.” Said Perrie Edwards about the Zaynster. Yep. Average. That’s what Perrie said in a recent interview with Key 103, as they spoke about her engagement ring.
Excuse me Perrie… but, we beg to differ. Zayn is far from ‘average’. Of course, Perrie was only joking… we hope!
Asked about how Perrie and Zayn handle being separated from each other for such a long time, she revealed how they keep it going:
We just chat every day really. Even if he was in London we’d probably talk to each other on the phone every day anyway.

It all sounds very sweet and romantic, but what is it that annoys Perrie about Zayn? Well, she said:
The only thing that gets on my nerves is if something funny happens, like at work with the girls, and I want to tell him about it and then he won’t ring until a few days later and I’m like ‘oh I had a funny story but now I have nothing to say.’ The moment has gone. It’s not funny anymore.
Awwww, so it’s not being able to talk to him as much as she’d like that gets on her nerves. How adorable!

Aren’t Perrie and Zayn just the cutest couple ever?


Who’s still shipping Larry Stylinson, then?

Probably all of us, really.
We know that Harry and Louis kind of hate the whole ‘Larry Stylinson’ thing, with Louis in particular having a bit of an issue with it. But, I think we should all face the fact that it will probably NEVER go away, and people will be shipping Larry until the end of time.
The truth is, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson show the cutest bromance EVER. So, why would we not love that?!
Of course, there’s loads of bromances within One Direction – we have Zouis, Ziam, Narry, Nouis, Niam, Lilo etc – but Larry Stylinson has always been, and will always be our favourite.
So, we thought we’d pick out some of our favourite ever Larry Stylinson pictures because they’re SO adorable!
We did one of these a while back, but thought it was definitely time for a bit of an update.
Before you check them out, please note that we DO know that most of them are completely edited, but unfortunately there’s not too many pictures of Louis and Harry kissing for real, so this is all we have to deal with. But, they’re good enough, right?

Perhaps the most adorable picture we’ve ever seen in our lives. We’re not sure if we can carry on…

The way they look at each other. It’s just so… romantic. Aagh.

There’s nothing we love more than Larry cuddles! We’d totally love to be in the middle of a Larry cuddle sandwich, who wouldn’t?

The way that Louis looks at Harry reminds us exactly of the way WE look at Harry. That’s love, man.

A bit of an oldie, but it’s a GOOD oldie. A real good oldie.

Harry SO totally giving Louis the puppy dog eyes. How can you resist them, LouLou?

The hand is on the knee, everyone. Hand on knee.

The most obvious edit in the history of the world – but probably the BEST edit ever! We love it!

Just because Harry looks so cute, Louis looks so hot and they both just look so adorable.

Yet another Louis cheek kiss. The sweetest thing ever!

What’s your fave Larry Stylinson pic?