One Direction Announce New Show ‘The London Session’

One Direction have announced The London Session, with Apple Music.

One Direction The London Session
Following their recent headline performance at the Apple Music Festival in London, the band are teaming up with the music streaming service again for ‘The London Session’, in support of new album “Made in the A.M.”.
The details of the show read: “Help 1D celebrate the release of their latest album, Made in the A.M.! Louis, Niall, Harry and Liam have teamed up with Apple Music to offer you the chance to attend The London Session, One Direction’s most intimate show ever.
“Sounds awesome, right? Stay tuned to find out how you could be a part of The London Session! If you can’t make it down, the event will be available to watch soon afterwards exclusively on Apple Music.”
Teasing the news on Twitter, Niall wrote: “Really excited to finally let you all know about the London session !”
Meanwhile, Louis tweeted: “Well looking forward to seeing all our fans at The London Session !”

Want to find out more about The London Session? Check out the event’s website, or watch the video below:


Is There Another One Direction Member Ready To Quit? Conor Maynard Thinks So

Conor Maynard believes that another member of 1D could be about to walk away.

One Direction publicity shot April 2015
It’s been four months since Zayn Malik quit the band, and it’s been speculated that another one of the boys could follow suit.
One person who thinks this could be true is Conor Maynard, who has admitted he “wouldn’t be surprised” if Harry, Liam, Louis or Niall were to ditch the band.
Talking to OK! Online, Conor Maynard said: “They’re such a big band, I feel like a lot of them have the potential to be a stand alone solo artist, it’s like 5 boys that could have potentially been solo artists themselves – in a band.”
Without predicting who he thinks might be the first to go solo, he added: “I wouldn’t be surprised if others did take that step I think it will be interesting to see how many of them will.”
We all know that the boys do have the potential to go solo, but we’re pretty sure that they’re happy as One Direction, and we don’t think they’d want to walk away from that just yet.
However, it’s always been speculated that Harry will be embarking on a solo career at some point in the near future, so if anyone was to go would it be him? Or would it be Louis Tomlinson, who is expecting his first child early next year?
Hopefully, none of them!

What do you guys think?

Briana Jungwirth’s Stepmother Fears Baby With Louis Tomlinson Could “Ruin Her Life”

Louis Tomlinson is having a baby with Briana Jungwirth.

Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth
The news shocked the One Direction world earlier this week, and while Louis Tomlinson is said to be “very happy and excited” about the new arrival, Briana Jungwirth has reportedly gone into hiding, and wishes to have the most private pregnancy possible.
This is something that Briana’s stepmother is rather worried about, and she’s admitted to fears that the baby could “ruin” her step daughter’s life.
Talking to MailOnline, she spilled: “I’m distressed for all the c**p I’ve read online in the middle of the night.
“I just hope all this doesn’t ruin her life, I care about that, we are at the beginning of something and she’s a private person, she’s not a Facebook person or anything like that.
“This is really scary for someone in her condition, especially when she’s only 23, I think it’s pretty overwhelming.”
Briana’s dad, Joe, has also spoke out regarding the pregnancy, revealing that his daughter is becoming “stressed” from all the attention.
Briana is reportedly three months pregnant, and Louis has been by her side for all of her ultrasound scans, and will be present at the birth next year.

Are you shocked by the news that Louis is going to be a dad?

One Direction Want You To Help Them Change The World!

We know the One Direction boys to do a lot for charity, and this isn’t going to change anytime soon.

The band have launched a new campaign called action/1D, and said in a video: “Time and again our fans have shown how creative and powerful they can be when they unite and that’s why we want to all join together to speak out and hopefully make a real and lasting change to the world around us.
“Young people really do have the power to help end poverty, tackle inequality and to stop dangerous climate change. Now is the time for us to unite, take action and raise our voices to show that we care about the future of our planet.”
Meanwhile, Brendan Cox from charity Save the Children, part of the wider action/2015 campaign, said: “One Direction is the biggest band in the world and by mobilising the millions of young people in their fanbase they’ll shine a light onto the most important issues of our time.
“UN processes are normally worthy but dull. We hope One Direction’s work will make this year’s key summits not only worthy but a matter of public excitement.
“Only with that public engagement will whatever is agreed actually get put into practice.”
Action 1D logo and band
So, what do the band want you to do? Well, they’re currently asking fans to head over to the action/1D website, to record a video of themselves, either celebrating or telling viewers what kind of world they want to live in. A third action will be posted tomorrow.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to take part, click here!

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Is Going to Be a Dad

Louis Tomlinson one direction
One Direction's Louis Tomlinson is going to be a dad, Billboard has confirmed.
The singer is reportedly expecting a baby with Los Angeles-based stylist Briana Jungwirth.
"Louis is happy and very excited about becoming a dad and he thinks Briana will be an amazing mother. It was a surprise at first, but he and Briana are very, very close friends and this has brought them even closer," a mutual friend of the couple told People, which first reported the news.
The anonymous source also told the magazine, "Although they aren't in a relationship, their friendship is extremely strong and they are both really excited about the baby."
This will be the first child for any of the One Direction guys, who recently kicked off the U.S. leg of their On The Road Again tour. 
Reached by Billboard, a rep for the band had no comment.

Harry Talks About Zayn’s High Notes: “Liam Kicks Them In The B***ocks”

Harry Styles has revealed how the band are coping without Zayn’s high notes on tour.

Zayn Malik white hair selfie
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Harry was talking about the gap left in the band by Malik, and he was asked how the concerts have changed.
“The only changes have been that the parts Zayn sang have been picked up by different people,” he said. “Other than that, the shows have been going absolutely great.”
He was also asked if any songs such as “Story of My Life” had to be dropped from the setlist, due to Zayn’s big solos.
“It would be pretty devastating if we took that song out. Liam stepped up to do the high notes. He kicks them in the bollocks every show. He doesn’t hold back.
“The other guys have picked up Zayn’s parts. We all know the songs well enough to do that,” he added.
Harry Styles and Zayn Malik in the God Only Knows BBC Music video
Finally, Harry teased the band’s new fifth album, saying: “We’re currently recording and writing our next album, so we’ll be working on that. The songs are coming together quickly, so we’re buzzing with the new stuff.
“It carries a slightly new identity, but I think it’s an obvious change from Four in a positive way. We’ve branched out and worked with different writers…

“And we’ve got some great songs!”

Perrie Edwards Says Leaving One Direction Was Zayn’s “Hardest Decision Ever”

It’s been four months since Zayn Malik left One Direction.

Zayn and Perrie funfair
It wasn’t a decision that the One Direction boys, Simon Cowell, the fans or Zayn Malik took lightly.
According to his girlfriend Perrie Edwards, who has supported him every step of the way, it was the “hardest decision” Zayn has ever made.
Zayn reportedly left the band to have a shot at life as “a normal 22-year-old”, but it has also been suggested that his decision had something to do with Perrie Edwards. However, Perrie’s mum recently denied rumours that she was involved in any way.
Now, Perrie has revealed that Zayn is more than happy with his choice, telling Philip Schofield on chat show This Morning: “He’s very good thank you. I think he’s just chilling out getting some head space.
“I think it was probably one of his hardest decisions ever.”
It’s no surprise that Zayn and Perrie are happier than ever, as it’s recently been reported that the pair have splashed out £3million on a house together.
Simon Cowell recently spoke out about Zayn leaving on US TV show Extra, saying: “Well, I don’t think they’ll ever be over it completely because they started off as a five piece, so they’re always going to miss him, but it happens.”

Have you got over Zayn leaving yet?