One Direction To Appear On Saturday Night Live Tomorrow With Amy Adams

Are you all set for one of One Direction’s final TV appearances of the year?

Before the boys go on a break to enjoy Christmas with their families, they will take to the stage in New York, to perform on hit comedy show “Saturday Night Live”.
The show airs live tomorrow night, and is guest hosted by actress Amy Adams.
The boys last appeared on the show on 7th December last year, alongside one-off presenter Paul Rudd. Before that, they made their first appearance on the long running hit show on 7th April 2012.
Niall is clearly pretty excited to be on the show again, tweeting yesterday: “New York at Christmas, can’t beat it ! This is gona be a fun weekend ! @nbcsnl is always a great time !”
Following One Direction’s soundcheck and rehearsal at the SNL studios yesterday, the show’s official Twitter account posted a photo of the boys with guest host Amy Adams.

It seems Amy Adams is quite a fan of One Direction. In one of the promo videos released for the show, Amy gets very over-emotional… Especially when she hears Louis will be there!
Check out the clip below – Amy’s fangirl moment starts at around 2.18

Are you going to be watching the boys tomorrow night?

Harry Styles “Really Enjoying” Time With New Girlfriend Roxie Nafousi

Harry Styles has a new girlfriend, apparently.

We know we know, you’re all thinking “here we go again…”
Roxie Nafousi - Instagram pic
It seems that not a day goes by without a brand new Harry Styles dating rumour flying around, and here’s yet another one.
This time, it’s reports that Harry is in fact dating stylist Roxie Nafousi, who he apparently met back in October at the Annabel’s 50th Birthday party.
According to the Daily Star, Roxie Nafousi is “exactly what Harry needs” and they’re getting on like a house on fire.
A source apparently told the paper: “Harry and Roxie really enjoyed each others company and have had quite a few dates.”
Harry Styles Close Up
Now, we’ve lost count of the amount of dates that Harry has supposedly been on, just how much time does he have to take ladies out for fancy meals?!
“They are close but it isn’t serious and they are just taking it slow and that seems to be why it is working for them,” the source added: “They are both so relaxed with it which is exactly what Harry needs when he is so busy”.
Of course, we’re not exactly sure how true all of this is – but if it is true, they’ve done a pretty good job of keeping it a secret for the last few months!

What do you guys think?

WATCH: One Direction Singing Where Do Broken Hearts Go On Tonight’s X Factor Final

Did you catch our boys on the X Factor final earlier tonight?  With Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones?


Watch it below in this YouTube clip – hopefully it will stay up for a while. We’ll check again tomorrow morning ;) Enjoy…

Harry’s Going “On The Wagon” For Christmas – No Binging For Hazza

Harry Styles won’t be raising a pint.

Harry Styles with his hair slicked back
Harry won’t be chug-a-lugging.
Harry won’t be doing double-shots either, this Christmas season.
SAY WHAAAT???!!!!!
Harry revealed that he’s not going on a binge this holiday season — in fact, the One Direction super stud says he’s going to going “on the wagon” and stay “alcohol-free” for Christmas.
Harry told his plans to the Daily Mirror this week. And in addition to not picking up any pints, he won’t be bingeing on candy and snacks and junkfood either.
SAY WHAAAAAAAT???????!!!!!!!!!!!

The Hottest One Direction Topless Pictures EVER

Today, you’re in for a real treat…
One Direction Topless Pictures
WARNING: This post contains some serious ovary-exploding material.
We all know just how hot the One Direction boys are, and how their hotness multiplies by at least a thousand when they’re wearing less clothing. Does that make us sound pervy? Sorry, we just can’t help it. Eek.
So, anyway let’s get on with it…
10. Bit of a throwback here, but Liam Payne’s body is RIDICULOUS.
And it’s only got better.
Liam Payne Topless
9. Just imagine for a second, how different this photo could be if Liam’s pants were just a little looser around the waist.
It’s probably for the best that they weren’t, though.
8. We can’t even put into words just how beautiful Zayn Malik is.
And this picture just gives us life.
Zayn Malik topless selfie
7.  This is what life would be like if we went on holiday with Louis Tomlinson.
Waking up to this beautiful sight every single day.
Louis Tomlinson - topless on the beach
6. Remember that time we thought Liam Payne was naked?
Well, we’re still convinced that he totally was, and he just photoshopped that pair of pants on afterwards.
Liam Payne's nude pixellated photo from Instagram
5. It’s not often we get to see the Zaynster with his kit off, but when we do it’s certainly impressive.
We’ve always thought he’d make a great model…
Zayn Malik topless
4. Back in the day, before Harry Styles covered his body in inkings.
We can’t decide whether we prefer him with or without the tats. Either way, there’s no doubt that his body is one finepiece of art.
Harry Styles Naked
3. Who knew Niall Horan had such a HOT body?
We’re massive fans of this.
2. We don’t even need to give you a reason why this makes one of the best One Direction topless pictures EVER.
Liam Payne should go surfing more often.
1. Of course, the best 1D topless pic that’s EVER happened is Mr Harry Styles working up a sweat in the gym, as seen on 1D Day last year.
Did someone say, perfection?
Harry Styles - topless 1D Day

PHWOAR! Too hot to handle.