WATCH: One Direction Perform “Steal My Girl” On The X Factor UK

One Direction took to The X Factor stage last night to perform their latest hit “Steal My Girl”.
One Direction Steal My Girl Performance - X Factor UK 2014
Well, they actually pre-recorded the performance last week, as we heard that they had to go through the process twice, thanks to Harry Styles wearing the wrong shirt. Typical.
A source told The Mirror at the time: “He was wearing white and then they did it again ‘cos he needed to be in black like the rest of the band.”
So, we finally got to see the performance on TV last night. And despite the previous fashion hiccup, and the show’s host Dermot O’Leary seemingly announcing that there was only four members in One Direction as he introduced them, it all seemed to run fairly smoothly.
The boys looked super hot in their matching black outfits, and they sounded AMAZING – of course. So, it turns out that the re-recording was worth it in the end as we were loving Harry’s open-buttoned shirt.
Check out their X Factor performance below:
We have to admit, we were a little disappointed that we didn’t get a sneak peek of their upcoming single “Night Changes” instead, but we always love a good “Steal My Girl” performance.
And can we just discuss Liam’s dance moves on stage for a moment? He was really ROCKING it wasn’t he?!

What did you think of the boys’ X Factor performance?

Zayn Malik’s Hairstyle Transformation Over The Years: From The Quiff To The Ponytail

What’s your favourite thing about Zayn Malik?

Besides that incredible voice, those dreamy eyes and incredibly good looks we LOVE Zayn’s hair.
He’s not afraid to mix things up, and Zayn’s had more hairstyles than Harry Styles has had women throwing themselves at him.
So, we thought we’d rewind right back to the beginning and gather up some of our favourite Zayn hairstyles to date.
This is what we like to call the ‘original’ Zayn Malik. He’ll always be the one with the quiff.
Zayn Malik
It wasn’t long before it turned into a one-sided quiff though, as Zayn opted for thinned out back and sides with a side parting.
Zayn Malik dating Perrie Edwards!
Things got REALLY crazy when Zayn dipped his fringe into a bottle of bleach and we had a blonde front quiff! Our favourite Zayn hair do EVER!
Zayn Malik at the Olympics
Not satisfied with his simple quiff, Zayn once rocked a curly John Travolta-esque ‘do.
Zayn Malik radio interview
Following that, Zayn really upped the ante in the blonde department and added yet another pop of colour.
Zayn in New York
Our hearts were shattered when Zayn decided to rid the blonde and drop the quiff, though. But, he still looks hot.
Zayn Malik at the X Factor USA
Zayn hit the headlines when he ditched his trademark quiff for this somewhat sexy, messy chop.
Zayn Malik in Japan
Turns out Zayn wasn’t a fan for long though, as he soon reverted back to his beloved quiff. Ahhh the satisfaction.
This is the picture that then got us thinking ‘OMG! Zayn’s got a mohawk!. He didn’t.
zayn dp
Not sure what went on with his hair here, but it looks like he went a bit overboard with the hair gel.
Zayn Malik selfie
Then his hair became one big hot, fluffy mess and WOW we loved it.
A photo of Zayn Malik taken from his Instagram profile
Throughout the ‘Where We Are’ tour, he slowly converted back to his messy look. Or maybe he just didn’t have time for a hair cut?
Zayn on stage in the US
And then just a few weeks later, he brought the quiff back – this time with a vengeance – and a lot more facial hair.
Zayn Malik Video Screenshot
Now, Zayn’s taken up a brand new hairstyle: the ponytail. Showcased just yesterday at their ‘Who We Are’ autobiography book signing, and we think we love it.
Zayn Malik Ponytail

What’s your fave Zayn Malik hairstyle ever?

Will We Beat The VEVO Record? Directioners Keep On Watching Steal My Girl!

Directioners all over the world have been trying their best to beat the VEVO record, since Steal My Girl was thrust into the limelight yesterday.

Will we do it?
Well as it stands, we’re rumoured to have between 13-16m views, but nobody ever really knows until the 24 hours is up and the scores have been counted. The current VEVO record is currently held by Nicki Minaj with her Anaconda video, racking up 19.6 million clicks.
It looks fairly positive that we’ll do it, but we have to keep on watching and refreshing, on as many devices as we can.
Mobiles, tablets, desktops, laptops, you name it…..
Here’s the vid again, keep on watching!

WATCH: Two Days To Go #StealMyGirlVideo Teaser Clip!

Who’s ready for ANOTHER Steal My Girl video teaser clip?!

The fourth teaser clip was released just minutes ago, and comes just two days before the release of the full length video.
It looks awesome and we can’t wait!
Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the next teaser video…
If you haven’t already, make sure you join in with our massive Steal My Girl video Thunderclap, to help celebrate on Friday!

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EXCITING NEWS: One Direction’s BRAND NEW 2015 Tour Dates To Hit UK & European Stadiums! USA Dates To Come…

Remember that MASSIVE news we told you about last week?

Well, it’s just got a whole lot bigger!
One Direction 2015 tour announcement
We reported that something massive was happening in One Direction world on 1st November, and many of you thought that there might be another 1D Day lined up.
However, our sister site OnePopz has since broke the news that the boys are actually announcing some more tour dates for their On The Road Again Tour 2015!
We were hoping to keep hush hush about the whole thing until it was officially announced, but a few other websites have latched on to the news so we thought we may as well spill the beans on what we know…
one direction excited
We’ve heard some more news that tour dates are definitely lined up for the UK, as well as a select few countries in Europe. We’re still doing a bit of digging to find out if there’s any USA dates lined up, but we can’t confirm anything just yet.
Following their mammoth ‘Where We Are’ tour this year, the boys are planning on hitting up even more stadiums next year, as well as arena shows in some countries.
Tickets for the brand new tour dates go on sale on Saturday 1st November, with ticket staff around the country being ordered to work overtime on the day – due to the crazy high demand, probably!
One Direction are due to make an announcement of the new dates within the next two or three days, leaving just over a week before tickets go on sale.

Are you excited for the announcement of new tour dates?